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Tuesday, June 25 2002

The Chieftains: The Chieftains 8

In the late 1950s, a trio of Irish brothers living in and around New York’s Greenwich Village threw various band names about. Paddy, Tommy,

Monday, June 24 2002

Various Artists: This Is Where I Belong: Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks

Tribute albums are a mixed bag, to put it mildly. For every tribute album that gets it right (If I Were a Carpenter, for example),

Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back in Town

What can I say about Thin Lizzy? I love this band, love them in spite of their many flaws, love them because of their many flaws. I’ve loved them ever since I first heard “The Boys Are Back in Town” on my pink plastic clock radio back in 1976.

Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard of Ozz / Diary of a Madman

The Osbournes’ greed finally goes overboard, and it’s the fans who are forced to suffer, as is always the case. It’s a great

Knodel: Dawn of the Butterfly

Knodel has arrived to rock. It says so in the second line of the opening title track to the trio’s glorious sophomore album, Dawn

Wyclef Jean: Masquerade

Michael Jordan. David Hasselhoff. Master P. After listening to Wyclef Jean’s latest, Masquerade, these names immediately came to my mind. Not because of their

Honky Tonk Confidential: Your Trailer or Mine?

What happens when you play a country song backward? Yeah, you’ve heard this one: Mama gets out of jail, Daddy stops drinking, your truck

Benny Goodman: The King of Swing (Bluebird’s Best)

The 14 tracks on this remastered collection of Benny Goodman classics recorded between 1935 and 1939 contain many of the highlights of the group’s recordings for the

El-P: Fantastic Damage

We’ve all been waiting for this one. Since El-P’s trio, Company Flow, broke up in March of 2000, we’ve all been sitting tight,

Benett: Welcome to the Jungle

That Benett is one crazy lady. Very groovy and very cool, mind you, but she’s definitely not your typical female singer-songwriter. Or is she

The Boggs: We Are the Boggs We Are

Jesus, talk about false advertising! What is this, some kind of Coldplay tribute band dragging in from a long night at the pub? The cover

Friday, June 21 2002

Juwanna Mann (2002)

It's no longer critiquing mainstream expectations, but instead, absorbing and reflecting stereotypes, drained of context.

Thursday, June 20 2002

Various Artists: Meet the Scene: An Introduction to Finnish Underground Guitar Pop

So, you know anything about Finland? Personally, the extent of my knowledge of all things Finnish is limited to lots of hockey players (including the

Howlin’ Wolf: The Real Folk Blues / More Real Folk Blues

When I first heard Howlin’ Wolf, his sound was eerie and strange to me, like nothing I had ever heard before. “How Many More Years”

The Star Room Boys: This World Just Won’t Leave You Alone

The Star Room Boys hail from Athens, GA, buut their style is more akin to roadhouse honky tonk than anything you normally associate with the

Moby: 18

18, the latest addition to Moby’s oeuvre, was released last month after much anticipation. His previous album, Play (1999), is the catalyst responsible for catapulting the

Judas Priest: Turbo / Priest . . . Live!

The infamous, 1986 cult classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot, a 16-minute documentary short about the kids partying in a suburban D.C. parking lot in the

Bryan Ferry: Frantic

Such the jokester, that Bryan Ferry. The man hasn’t done anything remotely frantic since “Both Ends Burning” from Roxy Music’s majestic 1975 album Siren.

The Bevis Frond: What Did for the Dinosaurs

There’s something awfully irritating about rock musicians complaining that today’s musicians don’t know how to rock as well as they do. Whether

Minority Report (2002)

Based on a story published by Philip K. Dick in 1956, 'Minority Report' is science-fiction of the sort that Dick preferred to write -- set in the future, but all wrapped up in concerns that are immediately relevant to the present moment (that the same concerns were relevant back in 1956 is not a little unnerving, as will become clear).

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