The Science of the Yuk and the Yum of Things

The Science of the Yuk and the Yum of Things

By Catherine Ramsdell

John McQuaid blends history, scientific research, cultural studies, and personal anecdotes to create a lively and engaging history of taste. 4 May 2015 // 1:05 AM

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The Brady Bunch: The Complete Second Season

Here again, you'll experience the split-level ranch house, beaded vests, Astroturf, and 'groovy' vocabulary.

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26 Jul 2005 // 12:00 AM

The Lives of Rain by Nathalie Handal

This is a fiercely global poetry, one that requires (and provides) a wide if not particularly thorough knowledge of this planet's cultures.

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	Various Artists: Buzzin’ Fly Volume 2

Studious house from Ben Watt's ultra-hip label. Is this what party music sounds like in the terrorist age?"

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25 Jul 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Wolf Parade: Wolf Parade

A Brilliant Sample Of Their Fall Debut. Will Summer End Already!?"

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	Richard Thompson: Live From Austin, TX

While 'Live' is not the jaw-dropping Richard Thompson live album that must exist somewhere on tape, it has plenty to remind people why Thompson remains one of music's most talented -- and criminally underappreciated -- artists.

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	Orange Park: Songs from the Unknown

New York band chooses the summer sounds of California rather than the garage rock of Hell's Kitchen to get its point across.

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	Marian McPartland & Elvis Costello: Piano Jazz: McPartland/Costello

Legendary singer-songwriter's appearance on long-running NPR program finds him performing some of his favorite ballads.

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	Keith LeBlanc: Stop the Confusion (Global Interference)

A solid career retrospective from one of the more important no-names in modern popular music.

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	The Free Design: The Now Sound Redesigned

This remix album uses remixers such as Madlib, Sterolab, and Danger Mouse in order to seduce listeners into the sonically rich world of '60s sunshine pop greats, the Free Design.

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	Einsturzende Neubauten: 1/2 Mensch [DVD]

Of course, there is always something perpetually upsetting about seeing an animated fetus moving through an inky-black universe of German screams and scraping metal.

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