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Monday, July 30 2001

    Varnaline: Songs in a Northern Key

Listening to Varnaline feels like being trapped under the ice of a half-frozen lake. It’s springtime and the crystals are crackling, breaking apart, occasionally

    Tight Bros From Way Back When: Lend You a Hand

One could speculate that the state of Washington is still the place to look towards when it comes to the search for pure rock and

    Sam Phillips: Fan Dance

After a five-year hiatus, Sam Phillips returns to form with the very intimate 'Fan Dance', a quality collection of adult pop that allows her sexy voice to deliver cryptically introspective musings in a finely focused, mostly acoustic scheme..

    pete: self-titled

Keeeyrist. Haven’t I heard this before? Yes, I think I have. I will take “Songs That Remind You of That Crummy Styx Song Title ‘

    Owls: self-titled

I think I’ve said this before in an earlier piece, but I feel that it needs repeating. If you ever get into this business

    Wynton Marsalis: Popular Songs: The Best of Wynton Marsalis

First names of jazz: Louis; Charlie; Dizzy; Billie; Thelonious; Miles; Ornette; Wynton… Wynton? Popular Songs: The Best of Wynton Marsalis celebrates Wynton Marsalis’s 40th

    Peter Murphy: aLive Justforlove

Peter Murphy’s new double disc, aLive Justforlove, couldn’t have a more appropriate title. Recorded late last year at the El Rey Theatre in

    Mr. Wright: Hello Is Anyone Out There

Another release from Le Grand Magistery in the cool, stylistically abundant pop vein. Another release from Kevin Wright, whose Mr. Wright has put out two

    Lift to Experience: The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

There is no way to begin a review of this challenging album without quoting this telling opening passage from “Just As Was Told”: ‘This is

A Girl Called Eddy: Tears All Over Town

The story behind A Girl Called Eddy’s debut EP Tears All Over Town, at least according to the press materials for it, is that

Cursive: Burst and Bloom

On “Sink to the Beat”, the first track of Cursive’s latest EP Burst and Bloom, lead singer Tim Kasher breaks down the “formula” behind

Crystal Method: Tweekend

Flashback 1997: A world fascinated with the power of computers, watching the Internet transform communications and business. In the midst of it all, computerized music is

Friday, July 27 2001

    Oval: Commers

I would think I was too old (or too dumb?) to understand “glitch” music—that squiggly, grating sub-genre of electronica composed of the shortest, sharpest

    Les Petits Sous: The John Hughes Project (Le Projet de John Hughes)

Okay, there’s something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for two or three reviews now. It applies to Les Petits Sous,

Thursday, July 26 2001

Ed Cherry: The Spirits Speak

Another month, another quality release from Canada’s adventurous but always listener-friendly label Justin Time. The Spirits Speak should stroll its way up a lot

Bilal: 1st Born Second

 One way to comprehend Miles is to view him not simply as an isolated mad genius but also a product of a distinctive aspect

John Benítez Trio: Descarga in New York

A short preamble—if you will forgive me. This album was produced self-consciously as a celebration of the multicultural encounters made possible by New York.

Wednesday, July 25 2001

    New Town Animals: Is Your Radio Active?

There’s not really a whole lot left to say about punk music. It’s a genre that’s been played out to its limited

Blue Oyster Cult: Agents of Fortune / Tyranny and Mutation

AAmerican hard rock/heavy metal is and has always been a rather sad beast. The best we could really ever muster was Aerosmith, whose recycled

Monday, July 23 2001

    Various Artists: The Silence in My Heart: The Emo Diaries? Chapter 6

Ah, emo. Has there been any other musical genre that has inspired so much love, ire, apathy, and agony in the last five years? Has

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