'The Black Notebook' Shows Modianos Undiminished Capacity to Conjure the Magic of Paris

'The Black Notebook' Shows Modiano’s Undiminished Capacity to Conjure the Magic of Paris

By Hans Rollman

Someday, perhaps, a virtual reality headset will achieve something like what Patrick Modiano has done here. 21 Feb 2017 // 7:30 AM

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8 Jun 2006 // 11:00 PM

Prototypes: Prototypes

The French electro-dance trio takes on America.

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8 Jun 2006 // 11:00 PM

Sonic Youth: Rather Ripped

A graceful question-mark to round out the Geffen era for Sonic Youth.

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8 Jun 2006 // 11:00 PM

Ladyhawk: Ladyhawk

The latest in a rash of Neil Young-loving guitar heroes, these Black Mountain-affliated roots rockers spin fuzz-distorted tales of love and disappointment.

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Of Montreal: Deflated Chime, Foals Flower Sibylline Responses

With only two new tracks padded with a couple old favorites, this peculiar tour EP may be best examined as if it were a 7" single.

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8 Jun 2006 // 11:00 PM

Beans: Only

Like many previous attempts to mine similar territory, this meeting between Beans' avant-garde hip-hop and William Parker and Hamid Drake's avant-garde jazz is not the groundbreaking mash-up that it aspires to be.

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TV-Resistori: Serkut Rakastaa Paremmin

In its smart lumpiness, it has the same appeal as those ugly-adorable vinyl monster toys made for adult collectors.

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Billy Mackenzie: Transmission Impossible

Posthumous vault raiding has resulted in a gloomy but worthwhile collection from former Associates front man.

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Enablers: Output Negative Space

A muscular, adventurous rock record that grits its teeth, sticks a finger in your face and dares you to notice that the vocalist isn't singing.

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Christian Scott: Rewind That

Thinking about playing the trumpet? You might want to listen to Christian Scott first to be sure there's still room in the world of jazz for anyone else.

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8 Jun 2006 // 12:00 AM


We've pushed further into intangibility as communication has become more and more immediate. Are we destined to get lost in the formless mist of all that static?

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On Truth and Dark Turns in 'Tickled'

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