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Saturday, December 8 2001

Nikka Costa

Nikka Costa is Jesse Helms’ worst nightmare come to rock your town. If Nikka Costa didn’t exist, Prince would have to invent her. Thirty-three

Thursday, December 6 2001

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

The background surf, unbuttoned shirt, and look away from the camera -- all this demonstrates just how movie-starness is done. The plot, like I say, is beside the point.

Life and Debt (2001)

Makes the connections for you, refusing to let you off the hook.

Monday, December 3 2001

De La Soul: AOI: Bionix

With AOI: Bionix, the stakes are still high, except now De La are more concerned with safety and sustenance and their own mortality, or rather the things that mark the beginning of the transition into middle age.

Various Artists: Mondo Soca

Some of the old-time calypso masters are found on Mondo Soca, major talents like Andre Tanker, Kitchener, and Pretender, mixed with the newer soca stars

Dusty Springfield: Ultimate Collection

Oh, pop music! One minute, it pushes the envelope wide-wide open, then the next seals it up tight as can be! Such a force it

Charles Mingus: Tijuana Moods

2”>Omer AvitalThink with Your Heart(Fresh Sound)US release date: September 2001 2”>Rob GarciaPlace of Resonance(Consolidated Artists Productions)US release date: September 2001 by Maurice Bottomley

The Alarm: Greatest Hits Live

So let’s get this out of the way right now: The Alarm sound like U2. They write big, anthemic rock songs of social importance.

Sunday, December 2 2001

Ploughshares: The Literary Journal at Emerson College

While this is a noble endeavor and one that makes for a wonderful eclecticism from one issue to the next, it also means occasionally taking the bad eggs with the good.

North American Review: PopMatters Literary Journal Review

Since its inception, the 'North American Review' has been a journal with a reputation for strong 'literary' writing.

Friday, November 30 2001

John Hiatt and the Goners

“I‘m not thinking ahead / I’m just getting there / And if you want / You can help me steer”, states John Hiatt matter-of-factly during an

Thursday, November 29 2001

Goldfrapp: 30 Nov 2001 - Los Angeles

Most Americans haven't heard of them, but in Britain, the press has spent the past year gushing over Goldfrapp, and rightly so.

Coldplay / JJ72

Coldplay JJ72 The Empire Strikes Back 4.45 pm: Yours truly is speaking on BBC Radio 5 about the band Creed. That’s the focus of the show,

Tuesday, November 27 2001

Various Artists: Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen Volume 4

In the world of dining and drinking there are usually two types of “sampler” platter. The first is an eclectic mix of the menu’s

The Steamkings: Marmalized

Ah, to be young, British, in a band, contemplating love and frequently drinking. This is the innocent mayhem that fuels the creative fire that is

Monday, November 26 2001

Various Artists: Cinemaphonic: Soul Punch—A Selection of British Library Music 1970-1976

With perhaps the most misleading label to ever be applied to a particular genre, library music was music originally recorded with the intention of being

The Witch Hazel Sound: This World, Then the Fireworks…

You hear it right away in the opening strains of the lead track, “Music Becomes Vibration”. A buzzing hum rises in your headphones, then an

The Melody Unit: Choose Your Own Adventure

In these hectic times of business-as-usual during heightened alert, music has proven a steady refuge throughout. It’s my pleasure to report that The Melody

Hadacol: All in Your Head

In the ‘40s, Hadacol was a phenomenally popular and equally strong alcoholic elixir that sponsored Hank Williams’ radio show. It’s safe to say that

Fin Fang Foom: Texture, Structure, and the Condition of Moods

Fin Fang Foom (yes, they are indeed named after the Marvel Comics character) are a band who don’t want to be labeled “math rock”,

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