UNKLE: The Road, Part 1

UNKLE: The Road, Part 1

By Mike Schiller

UNKLE's James Lavelle alternates slow, contemplative material with faster, darker pieces to excellent, fulfilling effect. 23 Aug 2017 // 2:30 AM

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7 Feb 2007 // 9:00 PM

Hail Mary (1985)

A totally confounding and disappointing film, coupled with another that finds depth in its relative economy.

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Various Artists: Queer Noises 1961-1978

It must be said that Queer Noises brims with good intentions but most of these songs should have remained in the closet.

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7 Feb 2007 // 9:00 PM

Tony DeSare: Last First Kiss

Tony DeSare’s songs rank up there with the all-time favorite jazz standards. His lush arrangements and captivating phrases stir the emotions.

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The Beyonders: Time Capsule

The concept ("we are futuristic emcees determined to save hip-hop") is cool, but the execution ("we're saving hip-hop by telling you we're saving hip-hop") could use some work.

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7 Feb 2007 // 1:00 AM

Dancing to Almendra by Mayra Montero

Dancing to Almendra author plays with the reader by mixing true events of Cuba in the `50s with imaginary ones.

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Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2006)

Jonestown shows that Jones -- whether you read him as insecure or aberrant, imperious or symptomatic -- was a sign of his times.

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6 Feb 2007 // 9:03 PM

The Penny Loafers: Quicksand

This may be it -- this may be the album that puts the Penny Loafers back on track toward some serious national recognition.

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6 Feb 2007 // 9:02 PM

Siiri Nordin: Me Too

Competent but never thrilling release from ex-lead singer of Finnish pop band Killer.

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6 Feb 2007 // 9:01 PM

The Gentle Rain: Moody

Before tricking out albums by Radiohead, Bjork, and David Bowie, British producer and arranger Nick Ingman cut his teeth orchestrating records for genteel pop personas

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Norah Jones: Not Too Late

Not Too Late is a lovely set of songs, both bittersweet and powerful, that reassures us that pop music can be beautiful and genuine.

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'Hopscotch' is Anchored in Walter Matthau's Playful, Irascible Personality

// Short Ends and Leader

"With his novel, Hopscotch, Brian Garfield challenged himself to write a suspenseful spy tale in which nobody gets killed.

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