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Monday, March 12 2001

Daft Punk: Discovery

I’m one of those people who will often sit around and start conversations with phrases like “Remember when techno music was really good?” I

Eric Clapton: Reptile

In recent weeks Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs has found its way onto the car stereo to remind me of what a glittering, if

Steve Almaas: Kingo a Wild One

From pioneering punk rock in Minneapolis/St. Paul with Suicide Commandos in the late 1970s (thereby stirring the musical impulses of Husker Du, The Replacements,

Tuesday, March 6 2001

Bob Belden: Black Dahlia

In postwar Los Angeles, where “You can make it there when you can’t make it anywhere else”, as actor Robert Mitchum once said, the

Monday, March 5 2001

Various Artists: Respect Is Burning Presents Respect to DJ Deep

e-mail this article My local record store has got so fed up trying to keep up with all the amoebic sub-dividing that goes on in

    Roseanna Vitro: Thoughts of Bill Evans: Conviction

You know a jazz singer’s album is in trouble when you keep wishing the singer would stay quiet, so you could hear the music.

    Otto Von Schirach: 8000 B.C.

Otto Von Schirach’s debut LP 8000 B.C. fully violates the divide between interesting experimental wizardry and utter nonsense. Like his colleagues Richard Devine and

    Tipsy: Uh-Oh!

Uh-Oh! is the title of Tipsy’s second album, but it isn’t a cry of fear or horror. It’s more like the outburst

    The Tyde: Once

The alternative country/“No Depression”/Cosmic American music scene (call it what you will) has been well served in the last five years with bands

    Silver Scooter: The Blue Law

Two things come to mind at a first listen to Austin band Silver Scooter’s new album, The Blue Law: A) it sounds a lot

    Amy Ray: Stag

Denizens of Atlanta’s live music scene over the past decade or so are well familiar with the presence of the Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray.

    Mall: 05.17.2012 01:34:28 PM -0400

The opening track on Mall’s second album, 05.17.2012 01:34:28 PM -0400, sets an unmistakable mood, through recorded dialogue and atmospheric based music: People hanging out late

    Delbert McClinton: Nothing Personal

While many things may change over the years, the attitudes and vibes of your average roadhouse don’t. In those places of smoky haze and

    Branford Marsalis/Orpheus Chamber Ensemble: Creation

The first thing I notice in listening to Creation, Branford Marsalis’s new album of classical music arranged for the saxophone and chamber orchestra, is

Mike Ladd: Vernacular Homocide

What to make of Mike Ladd? He’s been called “the Tom Waits of hip-hop”, and been likened to the Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, and

    Pete Krebs and Danny Barnes: Duet for Clarinet and Goat

Dust bowl soul brothers Pete Krebs (ex-Hazel singer/songwriter) and Danny Barnes (ex-Bad Livers frontman) have joined their God fearing and mother loving heads together

    The Kiss Offs: Rock Bottom

Austin’s The Kiss Offs are dead and gone (one member has moved to Chicago, and three of the others are now in different Austin-area

    Kings of Convenience: Quiet Is the New Loud

The blokes that make up Kings of Convenience, Eirik Glambek Bøe and Erlend Øye, have mastered the lustrous harmonies and polite sensitive boy cooing

    Koffee Brown: Mars/Venus

Things are looking pretty good on the R&B/Soul scene so far this year. Musiq, India.Arie, Sunshine Anderson, Jaheim and Tank all

    Jenifer Jackson: Birds

The musical texture of Birds is lush, but without an abundance of instruments. Waves of vibes, cymbals, marimbas and other percussion create an elegant scene

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