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Tuesday, October 29 2002

Various Artists: The Blues White Album

The idea behind Telarc’s Beatles tribute The Blues White Album was a pretty good one. After all, The White Album was the most blues-tinged

Various Artists: Andrew Lloyd Webber: Gold - The Definitive Hits Collection

“So there He was on a waterbed / Drinking a cola of a mystery brand / Reading an airport novelette / Listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem /

10cc: The Best of 10cc (20th Century Masters)

That the group’s more offbeat tracks sound rather dated today is testament to their “art rock” credentials. A song like “Life Is a Minestrone”

Thievery Corporation: The Richest Man in Babylon

For guys who grew up on a steady diet of DC punk, the Pixies and music rougher than the type of stuff you might find

Mark Mallman: The Red Bedroom

Although from Milwaukee, it would appear that Mark Mallman has more Minneapolis blood in his veins than that of his Wisconsin hometown. Originally the lead

Metro Area: self-titled

One of the biggest beefs that both critics and the public seemed to have in the late 1970s was about the “processed” or “artificial” sounds

Blevin Blectum: Talon Slalom

“Come and take a trip in my rocketship,” goes a vocal sample used as a sort-of hook on one track on Talon Slalom, a solo

Monday, October 28 2002

Plush: Fed

“You know, it’s not bad, but couldn’t he get someone else to sing?I like the horns a lot, but it’s kind

Andrea Perry: Two

Objectivity is a difficult task, made even more so when fondness for an artist might cloud one’s perspective. Still, I am compelled to gush

Mansun: Six

This is inspired dementia from start to finish. Some would be tempted to call it a concept album, but, honestly, there’s too much going on for there to be a coherent concept.

Tommy Lee: Never a Dull Moment

In the recent best-selling, tell-all Mötley Crüe biography The Dirt, vocalist Vince Neil said of his former bandmate Tommy Lee: “Whatever is in,

Kansas: The Ultimate Kansas

At first glance, it’s hard to take the title of this two-disc compilation, The Ultimate Kansas, very seriously. Particularly when it’s a matter

Ben Folds: Ben Folds Live

October 1997, Vic Theatre, Chicago. I’m in the balcony with my two best friends and wife-to-be, watching Ben Folds Five positively tear the place down. “

The Extra Glenns: Martial Arts Weekend

One thing you can say about John Darnielle is that he’s done things his own way. Aside from his work as one half of

EchoBrain: self-titled

I’m probably one of the few remaining fans from Metallica’s relatively early days who still liked the band three years ago. True, Metallica

Dave Matthews Band: Busted Stuff

Seems the small Pennsylvania town of Hershey is not only famous for its chocolate. It’s also got its fair share of Dave Matthews Band

Conya Doss: Poem About Ms. Doss

Though the folks at corporate don’t seem to know it yet, neo-soul is out and real soul music is in again. This is not

Thursday, October 24 2002

Matthew Sweet: To Understand: The Early Recordings of Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet fans are of the rabidly devoted type. Ask the typical Matthew Sweet fan about their collection of his material, and they’re likely

Supreme Beings of Leisure: Divine Operating System

The Supreme Beings of Leisure take the sophomore slump and drop-kick it into last week on Divine Operating System, the follow-up to the self-titled debut

Orwell: Following Days

Bonjour monsieurs y madamoiselles and pardon the intrusion, but there’s another French revolution afoot—a subtle one in the world of popular music. Unobtrusively

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