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Wednesday, October 23 2002

Bikeride: Morning Macumba

The word “cute” is rich with connotations but empty of real aesthetic weight. A critic can bandy the word about only when all other possibilities

Thievery Corporation

The Indian Summer that England has been enjoying just ended abruptly, and outside the cold weather is beating London like a ginger-haired stepchild. The front

Shellac of North America

What to say about Steve Albini? I can tell you this much—he never played Texas. I heard someone say once that Albini hates the

Three Tales by Steve Reich and Beryl Korot

Minimalist composer Steve Reich and his wife, video artist Beryl Korot, gained notoriety in 1993 with their collaboration on the large-scale “documentary video opera” The Cave,

Stephin Merritt

It is a curious thing to see a rock show in an opera house. The smoking hipsters are replaced with polite and wholesome-looking theatre-going folk.


Gomez are the guys living in the apartment below you. The ones who order take-out every night. The ones you borrow music from. You comb

Electroclash 2002 with Peaches, Chicks on Speed, W.I.T., and Tracy and the Plastics

PeachesPhoto credit: Lisa Kannakko Chicks on SpeedPhoto credit: Michael Lavine Electroclash. Gotta admit, it’s a great tag for a musical movement. Certainly more enticing-sounding

Ani Difranco

Ani DifrancoPhoto credits: Jennifer Bendery “If you can’t raise awareness, raise hell” —Rita Mae Brown It was a crisp evening in Austin, Texas, as

The Right Words at the Right Time by Marlo Thomas and Friends

Hollywood Babylon breeds with the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series in this book.

Pimpnosis by Rob Marriott and Tracy Funches

Our culture's obsession with the world of pimps and prostitutes shows up in odd places.

The Power of a Partner: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Gay and Lesbian Relationships by Richard L.

What makes this book stand out among other self-help guides is its limitless acceptance of all types of readers and all types of practices. . . .

New Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction by Geoff King

King strips Hollywood bare of its glitz and glamour and unravels the main, and sadly, perhaps, even the only driving force of Hollywood, namely . . . profit margins . . .

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Remembering the Free Birds of Southern Rock by Gene Odom with Frank Dorman

America is currently besieged by a national campaign that places the Lynyrd Skynyrd and its music front and center in the pop cultural consciousness. . . .

In the Hand of Dante by Nick Tosches

Every so often, literature's long-forgotten greats make a comeback and entrench themselves within popular culture. This time, it's Dante Alighieri.

Tuesday, October 22 2002

Red Hot Chili Peppers: By the Way

So 40 looks good on the Red Hot Chili Peppers after all. They are older, wiser, and anything but dull.

The Paybacks: Knock Loud

Detroit’s always been a rockin’ city, right? Sure, or else there wouldn’t have been that song “Detroit Rock City” penned long ago by

Lisa Loeb: Hello Lisa

Lisa Loeb is among the rarest of musical treasures: an intelligent singer/songwriter who made it to the top based solely on her ability, rather

Guy: Groove Me: The Very Best of Guy

Back when slow jams and party rap were polar opposites in the world of black music, creating a style that could create a bridge between

Miles Davis: In a Silent Way (Deluxe Edition) [Original Recording Remastered]

The reason a lot of people don’t like post swing era jazz is the same reason they don’t like a lot of supposedly

Al Di Meola: Flesh on Flesh

How does Al Di Meola manage it? He is surely the Dinosaur of Dinosaurs. A ‘70s guitar “God” who still plays jazz-rock in the new

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