Game Theory: Lolita Nation

Game Theory: Lolita Nation

By Ed Whitelock

The most critically acclaimed masterpiece of the '80s that you’ve never heard finally sees re-release. Time having been kinder to this long lost album than the music industry, it remains fresh, exciting, and essential for any fan of good pop songwriting. 5 Feb 2016 // 2:30 AM

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Cypress Hill: Greatest Hits From The Bong

You can't call it Greatest Hits From The Bong and forget all the songs that introduced me and my generation to joys of smoking pot.

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12 Mar 2006 // 11:00 PM

Milosh: Meme

Toronto electronic artist turns break-up into shimmering glitch pop.

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The Primeridian: Da Allnighta

This is hip-hop music to comfort as you drift off to sleep, swirling purple-blue smoke and gentle grooves. Oh, it's dope, too.

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Various Artists: Futurism Aint Shit to Me 2

Germany’s KYO Records puts out an independent hip-hop compilation that’s everything you’d expect -- and it’s fun, too!

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The Playwrights: English Self-Storage

Tired of treading water in the same shallow pools of post-punk past? Have we got a band for you....

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Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Urban Latino

A good mixture of anger, pop, and energy, with one surprise.

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	Mint Condition: Live from the 9:30 Club [DVD]

On DVD, Soul band Mint Condition escapes chains of radio hits and jams like a damn band can.

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10 Mar 2006 // 12:00 AM

Sigur Ros + Amina

Always the asshole, never the acolyte...

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Pansy Division: The Essential Pansy Division

Pansy Division were the first openly homosexual rock band I can remember, since Tom Robinson first told the world he was glad to be gay.

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9 Mar 2006 // 11:00 PM

Devics: Push the Heart

With four albums already behind them, Sara Lov and Dustin O'Halloran use Push The Heart to gather themselves together and plan for the future.

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Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 12 - "Don't You Forget About Me"

// Channel Surfing

"In another stand-alone episode, there's a lot of teen drama and some surprises, but not much potential.

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