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Tuesday, April 9 2002

Wes Cunningham: Pollyanna

If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? If the tremendously talented

Larry Carlton: Deep Into It

I take it Larry Carlton is not somebody who gets tired of people still associating him with the Crusaders. He was with them for less

Brick Layer Cake: Whatchamacallit

Brick Layer Cake:Todd Trainer—GuitarsTodd Trainer—DrumsTodd Trainer—Vocals As the above caption humbly states in the accompanying press release, Shellac drummer Todd Trainer

Aerosmith: Pump

After having accomplished the goal of getting back on the rock/pop radar with its previous album, Aerosmith decided the Great White North, particularly Vancouver,

ABC: The Lexicon of Love

Few periods in music are viewed with the contempt that is held for the early ‘80s. We witnessed the death of disco and punk. New

Monday, April 8 2002

Carole King: Love Makes the World

As with any record, how it is received often depends on the listener’s expectations. To get this out of the way right now, this

Giant Sand: Cover Magazine

In the mid-‘90s, journalists, cognizant of a burgeoning scene comprised of a contingent of artists including Jayhawks, Bottlerockets, Son Volt and Wilco—bands bred

The Good Life: Black Out

The development of British rock has gone through a long evolution. Most would consider the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, The Who, The Clash and The Sex

Fila Brazillia: Jump Leads

Jump Leads ought to be my kind of album. It’s got weird sounds, funky basslines, and downtempo grooves galore. It fearlessly mixes synths, samples,

Dashboard Confessional: The Swiss Army Romance

It’s an amazing thing when trends recycle. I’ve always found the phenomenon fascinating. Seriously, a decade like the ‘70s—renowned for introducing the

Big Country: The Crossing

The suicide death of Big Country leader Stuart Adamson late last year was sad enough. But the fact that so many pop music fans had

Arkitekchur: Of Solids, Climate and Homes

Oh, how indie electronica of Arkitekchur (the Brooklyn-based Joseph Lisciandro, and others) to record and distribute their intriguing EP, Of Solids, Climate and Homes on

The Detachment Kit: They Raging.  Quiet Army

Chicago is a city with a proud rock ‘n’ roll tradition, but in the past few years, the well of talent has run horribly dry.

Thursday, April 4 2002

Sparkle*jets u.k.: Bamboo Lounge

One of the most important, yet one of the most oft-forgotten, details of being a pop band is that pop music is essentially fun. This

Moth: Provisions, Fiction and Gear

Moth is making its bid to be the next big thing in rock and roll. With the debut album, Provisions, Fiction and Gear, Moth just

Natalie Imbruglia: White Lilies Island

Three or four years ago, you had to feel just a tiny bit sorry for Natalie Imbruglia. For a fleeting moment, she was reasonably cool;

Johnny Gill: Ultimate Collection

Johnny Gill is easily the most enigmatic R&B vocalist of his generation. Blessed with a stunningly mature full baritone that he first introduced

Ghostface Killah: Bulletproof Wallets

When Charles Mingus was undergoing psychiatric treatment at Bellevue, he wrote a tune called “All the Things You Could Be If Sigmund Freud’s Wife

The Church: After Everything Now This

To say that The Church have been at it for quite awhile now is a bit of an understatement. To say that it’s a

Billy Mahonie: What Becomes Before

What Becomes Before by London outfit Billy Mahonie is a terrific fucking album, to put it bluntly. If PopMatters was into capsulized reviews, we’d

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