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Thursday, February 6 2003

Fantastic Four Issues #60-64

While the outlandish villains, the out-of-this-world science, and the clobberin' remain, at its core this is a book about how four people can live, and love, and interact as a family, with all the pains and joys that brings.

Gotham Central #1-2—In the Line of Duty

These are the detectives that hurry to a crime scene after Batman's already done his (and their) job.

Elektra Lives Again

While the trappings may be ninjas and super-powers, at its core, this is a book about love and loss.

Tully (2002)

Locating its story of familial disquiet in the locus of the American myth, Tully doesn't quite go so far as to debunk the idealized heartland.

Shanghai Ghetto (2002)

A potentially prosaic documentary manages fresh insight.

Shanghai Knights (2003)

Its self-conscious use of the buddy genre's well known predilection for homoerotic/homophobic patterns is cute.

Max (2002)

Max is less concerned with making Hitler sympathetic, or even very specific, than it is in using him to illustrate a series of ideas.

In the Mirror of Maya Deren (2002)

A subtle and reverent look at one of America's most important -- and often forgotten -- filmmakers.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

She's so cute, he's so cute, everyone's so cute.

Tuesday, February 4 2003

The Sea and Cake: One Bedroom

Through years of scientific testing and intellectual deduction, I have come to realize that are essentially three audiences for music reviews. The first group is

Parker and Lily: Here Comes Winter

The longstanding relationship between suffering and art has yielded a cornucopia of beautiful and pristine treasures over the centuries. Of these, a great majority of

Bill Laswell: Book of Exit: Dub Chamber 4

Bill Laswell’s experimental dub series concludes with Book of Exit, a recording that seamlessly blends dub with Eastern music. Produced and arranged by Laswell,

Bob Geldof: Sex, Age & Death

Before he was Saint Bob (and later officially anointed Sir Bob), he was Loudmouth Bob, the garrulous front man for punkers the Boomtown Rats, who

EL-P: Fandam Plus: Instrumentals, Remixes, Lyrics & Video

Historically instrumental hip-hop albums have been geared toward DJ’s. While instrumental versions of nearly every hip-hop recording exist, they are generally on vinyl and

Walter Egan: Apocalypso Now

Walter Egan has been around the musical block more than once. After having one of his songs, “Hearts on Fire”, recorded by Gram Parsons and

Chris Emerson: Tourist

You might not know Chris Emerson, but if you’re a fan of the television series Dawson’s Creek, the song “All Because of You”

Dissent: Bleeding Together

Dissent is a group impossible to categorize. While the ten-piece band’s sound is often labeled as funk or acid jazz, there are moments on

Death Cab for Cutie: You Can Play These Songs With Chords

Once upon a time, in the sleepy little town of Bellingham, Washington, there existed a little pop band by the name of Pinwheel. They were

MC Paul Barman: Paullelujah!

Making funny records brings its own set of unique risks. It’s easy to make someone laugh once, despite themselves, when their friends aren’t

Veritas: The Quest

Father-son dynamics are the driving dramatic force of Veritas.

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