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Tuesday, January 14 2003

Echo Is Your Love: 8 Hours

Try as you might, it would be next to impossible to find a sound anywhere near as bizarre and disjointed as that of Finnish band,

Cabruêra: self-titled

Wanna know more about new Brazilian music than most Brazilians? Check out this debut record by the coolest underground group in that crazy wonderful country.

David Cross: Shut Up You Fucking Baby!

David Cross is an engaging intelligent comedic force that aims for the jugular at a time when others don’t. As a society, we have

The Bygones: Circles

So where is the new home of country music? Nashville? Well, traditionally it has been, but it is more or less the pop crossover capital

Aswad: New Chapter / Not Satisfied

Generally speaking, the rules governing pop music authenticity are strict. Arbitrarily conceived terminology like “real rock and roll”, hip-hop’s mantra “keepin’ it real”, and

The Apex Theory: Topsy Turvy

At last, following what seems like a million sound alike nu-metal bands, a major label has the balls to push one unlike hardly any band

Monday, January 13 2003

Various Artists: Ragazza Pop

Ragazza defines their label’s mission as promoting the “extraordinary female sensibility in contemporary, past and future pop music”. Thankfully, they’re much more selective

The Wannadies: Before and After

It’s an idea tailor-made for a pop band that hails from a country that spends part of the year bathed in near-perpetual daylight and

Bruce Springsteen: The Essential Bruce Springsteen

Culling 30 years of music into two discs is a daunting task. So it should come as little surprise that the recent Sony compilation, The Essential

Joss Stone: The Soul Sessions

Joss Stone isn’t able to buy a beer in the United States! Hell, she might not be able to drive in many of them.

Jean Grae: The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP

There’s not a lot of room in the rap game for saucy badmouthed chicks unless they’re talking about sex or shoes. Even then,

Sunday, January 12 2003

Pulp: Hits

Few British bands have come close to matching the remarkable string of excellent albums that Pulp has put together over the past 10 years.

Naam Brigade: Early in the Game

NAAM Brigade comes highly recommended. They’ve been lauded by industry heavyweights like Funkmaster Flex and DJ Kay Slay, praised by fellow Philly artists like

Don Nix: Goin’ Down: The Songs of Don Nix

Little did my rural mail carrier know he was delivering an incendiary device when he slipped that brown flat cardboard mailer in that nondescript rural

MIDIval PunditZ: self-titled

This duo from New Delhi is out to prove that there is more to Indian techno than just bhangra and electro-tabla whiz Karsh Kale. Ultimately,

Menthol: Danger: Rock Science!

The stories of small rock bands against the mighty labels litter the pages of music history like so many bad parables. David and Goliath ad

Mississippi Fred McDowell: Mama Says I’m Crazy

About midway through the first listen of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s Mama Says I’m Crazy, I’d more or less decided to write off

Guided By Voices: The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet

Guided By Voices’ 10-song EP The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet is release #24 in The Fading Captain Series, which GBV captain Robert Pollard uses

The Dudley Corporation: The Lonely World of the Dudley Corporation

OK, heads down again, rockers. It’s time to plunge ahead (again) into Eternal Recurrence, that noisy wheel that routinely spits out nice chunks of

Franklin Bruno: A Cat May Look at a Queen

Before listening to Franklin Bruno’s new CD, throw on your bathing suit, grab a glass of lemonade with a little umbrella sticking out, and

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