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Thursday, April 11 2002

Promises (2002)

When the children speak for themselves, 'Promises' is very powerful.

National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002)

National Lampoon's Van Wilder [is] the latest version of Maxim, the Movie.

Grey Gardens / Salesman - PopMatters Film Review )

What makes the Maysles' work special lies in how they manage, by focusing so intently on their subjects, to elicit a body of information that the audience is compelled to examine for its possible meaning.

Frailty (2002)

Moody, perverse, and full to busting with metaphorical cautions.

Changing Lanes (2002)


Wednesday, April 10 2002

ShelleyDevoto: Buzzkunst

It’s very fitting that the reunited duo of Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto have released their new album, Buzzkunst, under the name ShelleyDevoto. After

Radio 4: Gotham!

Having grown jaded by what had become the definitive portrait of the indie/math rock aesthetic throughout the 1990s—a sulking, shiftless-when-idle mentality juxtaposed with

Genya Ravan: For Fans Only

Flash! To any and all who ever wished they had experienced the best of late ‘70s punk-rock-new wave, and especially if you have, you gotta

Pat Metheny Group: Speaking of Now

Speaking of Now disappoints. It disappoints because at first it seems so promising. On the first two tracks, “As It Is” and “Proof”, the Pat

Patti Labelle: Greatest Love Songs

Though everyone acknowledges the fact that Patti Labelle possesses one of the most powerful and expressive voices in popular music, she remains best known for

Steve Earle: Guitar Town (Expanded Edition)

Without this brilliant effort, none of the others would’ve been possible. A modern classic.

Sean Altman: alt.mania

Years of experience singing a cappella have brought a feast of harmonic delights that grace the songs on this new and spectacularly melodic collection from

The White Stripes: 3 April 2002 - Boston

The White Stripes are the real deal. No bass guitar, no samples, no click tracks, no "exploratory jams" -- just monster tunes, earth-shaking guitar, a telepathically intuitive drummer, and a vocal delivery that can evoke Iggy Pop as easily as Gene Vincent.

Rinôçérôse + Soviet

This was one of the most oddly-billed shows I have witnessed in quite some time. Allow me to explain myself. For the opening band we

Phantom Planet

“Holy shit!” are the first spoken words out of Phantom Planet’s lead singer Alex Greenwald’s mouth when he takes in the roar of

Diana Krall

This past December, former Downbeat associate editor and part time pundit for the JazzTimes Nat Hentoff pontificated that Jane Monheit and Diana Krall—two of

Holly Golightly

Divadom was the order of the night at the Magic Stick in Detroit, Michigan last Friday. From the put-upon bartenders, to the heavily made-up party

The Faint + Interpol + The Lust

The Faint Are Anything But It was a night of surprises, of embarrassing schlock and unexpected glee. But more on that later. The evening’s

Tuesday, April 9 2002

The Plus Ones: It’s a Calling

Power pop as a genre has changed little during its existence. It can be traced from the Beatles, down through Cheap Trick, Matthew Sweet, the

Haven: Between the Senses

Let’s not jump to conclusions, however: Between the Senses is hardly a record of “Say Something"s; it sometimes seems as if the remainder

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