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Monday, April 2 2001

    The Richmond Sluts: self-titled

Straight out of San Francisco comes another band who’s trying to bring back the spirit of ‘77. That’s the first impression I had of

    Run DMC: Crown Royal

While it is indisputable that Run DMC are legendary figures in hip-hop, it is also hard to overlook the fact that the last time they

    Little Champions: Transactions & Replications

It ain’t for me, I guess is what I’m saying. Little Champion’s new record, Transactions & Replications strikes me as a toothache

Guided By Voices: Isolation Drills

Although the band’s 12th studio album continues in the more polished vein of Do the Collapse, its surface is nicely tarnished and scuffed so its indie-rock roots are always audible.

Buckfast Superbee: You Know How The Song Goes

Well, here I am ready to pen my review for Buckfast Superbee’s sophomore effort, You Know How The Song Goes and contemplating once again

Sunday, April 1 2001

    Mark Mulcahy: SmileSunset

Writing about music is a fool’s game—it’s hard to admit, but the aspects of music that cause it to affect us so

Saturday, March 31 2001

Michael Carpenter: SOOP (Songs of Other People): Volume 1

This type of CD is usually something that I am completely uninterested in; however, in Carpenter’s case, the work is more than interesting. It

Thursday, March 29 2001

    Manitoba: Start Breaking My Heart

If the mere mention of the phrase “experimental electronica” makes you uncontrollably paranoid of rekindling unwanted relationships with fragmented flashbacks, you are not alone. Shades

Tuesday, March 27 2001

    Opium Jukebox: Music To Download Pornography To

 Robin Williamson The Seed at Zero(ECM)US release date: April 2001 by Michael Stephens opiumjukebox-music.jpg :. e-mail this article:. print this article:.

Monday, March 26 2001

    The Transitions: Back in Da Days

When Biggie (the late Notorious B.I.G.) waxed poetic about “back in the day” in the song “Things Done Change”, there was reason to

    The Living End: Roll On

Critics love to call an album they’re reviewing “good driving music”. Stuff that sounds best in a convertible with the top down, the wind

India.Arie: Acoustic Soul

In every way, this 25-year-old from Atlanta out of Denver looks and sounds the part of the new soul songstress—conscious and serious, clever and,

The Fletcher Pratt: Nine By Nine

What do the recordings 12 by 5 by The Rolling Stones, London Calling by The Clash, We Are Painter Men by The Creation, Kinda Kinks by The

Shawn Colvin: Whole New You

Shawn Colvin may have settled down in Austin, but she has no illusions about romantic idealism.

Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow / Wired

 Jeff Beck Wired(Epic)US release date: 27 March 2001 (original release, 1976) by Simon Warner beckjeff-wired.jpg :. e-mail this article:. print this article:.

Tuesday, March 20 2001

Neil Michael Hagerty

It was a real joy to see Mr. Hagerty play his guitar.

Monday, March 19 2001

Steve Earle / Stacey Earle

20 March 2001: Dave's on Dickson - Fayetteville, Arkansas.

    Various Artists: The Amos House Collection, Vol. 1

I don’t own many compilations that I’d call “essential”. They’re usually not that kind of animal; I mean, how often do you

    Various Artists: Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel

Ah, the concept album. The drool and cringe factors on this topic run to pretty severe extremes. Many love it—bring on the operatic drama!

    Various Artists: Beats and Pieces Volume Two

Most BBE compilations are themed, either presenting the favourites of leading DJs or exploring the lesser known tributaries of the various genres mentioned above. With

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