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Wednesday, May 29 2002

Hayden + Clairvoyants

Photo credit: Yael Staav Hayden Desser (more commonly known by his first name only) has had an interesting career trajectory. He spent much of the

Ed Harcourt

S E T    L I S T 1. Whistle of a Distant Train2. She Fell Into My Arms3. Hanging With the Wrong Crowd4. He’

Grandmaster Flash

To the best of my knowledge, Manhattan’s nightspot Spa is quite possibly the trendiest club in New York City. On a typical night, the


is more palpably the heir of some less-celebrated masters: Richie Havens, Dobie Gray, Ronnie Dyson, Carl Anderson.

The White Family by Maggie Gee

Maggie Gee's eighth novel continues her fictional analysis of the social problems of contemporary England, and does so with the deftness and sureness of touch that readers already familiar with her work have come to expect.

Whitegirl by Kate Manning

A good effort for a first novel, and one that shows promise for Manning's future endeavors.

That Takes Ovaries! Edited by Rivka Solomon

Empowerment is quite the prevalent theme in this book.

One More for the Road by Ray Bradbury

Mr. Bradbury can conjure up, in just a few deceptively throwaway sentences, more meaning and insight than most other authors could provide in many, many pages.

The Eye of Cybele by Daniel Chavarria (Translated by Carlos Lopez)

Akashic gives us 'The Eye of Cybele', a novel set as far away in space and time from his last as it is possible to be.

Chicken, Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent by David Henry Sterry

Sterry, a chicken no longer, brave enough to tell his tale, hoping it will do others some good.

Conversations with Richard Ford by Huey Guagliardo, Editor

Ford just may be the least catty writer in history. 'Other people's successes do not diminish you, your failures don't help others.'"

American Cultural Studies Edited by Catherine A. Warren and Mary Douglas Vavrus

'Are we, as intellectuals, really all that qualified to lead society?' she remarks, then later states succinctly, 'The public is us.'"

Tuesday, May 28 2002

Mary Timony: The Golden Dove

Since her beloved trio Helium went on extended hiatus years ago (never to return?), scene queen Mary Timony has remade herself as a solo songstress.

Seven Storey: Dividing By Zero

Arizona-based trio Seven Storey used to be called Seven Storey Mountain, and had two independently released records to their credit before North Carolina-based Deep Elm

Seven Witches: Xiled to Infinity and One

Quick: Name the ingredient missing from most so-called metal bands of today. If you answered “metal itself”, then give yourself a prize. Yes, it would

Ozzy Osbourne: Tribute

A long time ago, I managed to obtain an umpteenth-generation copy of a live recording of an Ozzy Osbourne concert called Bats Head Soup. A

Timo Maas: Loud

Few words in the realm of dance and electronic music are more fraught with peril than “artist album”. Many a gifted DJ/producer/remixer has

Con Dolore: This Sad Movie

The cover art for Con Dolore’s This Sad Movie album is a photo series showing a boy wooing a sad-looking girl, trying to win

Jim Boggia: Fidelity is the Enemy

TThey say that when the Model T started to catch on, Henry Ford bragged that you could have it in any color . . . as long as

Friday, May 24 2002

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah Winfrey and her Ego live in a world of their own, her highly successful 'O' magazine further illustrates her epic distance from the reality of most Americans.

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