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Thursday, August 22 2002

Puffy AmiYumi: An Illustrated History

I am hereby requesting a ticket for a one-way flight to Japan -– anywhere in Japan would do. After listening to Puffy AmiYumi’s ‘An

Blue Mountain: Tonight It’s Now Or Never

It’s rare that you hear a band going out on the top of its game rather than grasping at lost musical straws as it

Undisputed (2002)

Masculinity, integrity, brutality: Walter Hill's usual themes.

Simone (2002)

Viktor sees his most attractive, resourceful, and prolific self in Simone.

Serving Sara (2002)

'My job sucks,' says Joe (Matthew Perry) at the beginning of Reginald Hudlin's peculiar romantic comedy.

One Hour Photo (2002)

Neatly, ominously, the film composes a bleak vision of Sy's consumption of and by his culture.

I’m Going Home (2001)

I'm Going Home not only retains its heart, but expands it until the film's emotional power is almost too much to handle.

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002)

The apotheosis of a very good band, Sam Jones' I Am Trying to Break Your Heart begs the question of whether merely very good bands deserve to be deified.

Harvard Man (2001)

Harvard Man's refusal to pass judgment on characters' drug use is troubling.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a whole lot of nada.

Wednesday, August 21 2002

Tricky: Tricky: A Ruff Guide

Many words and phrases have been used to describe the artist currently known as Tricky (A.K.A. Adrian Thawes). Among those terms are pioneer,

Tegan and Sara: If It Was You

Tegan and Sara Quin’s debut album from 2000, This Business of Art, wasn’t overly spectacular, but it was pleasant enough to warrant attention from

The Trouble with Sweeney: Play Karen and Others

When music editors sit down with take-out Thai, ephedrine, and their spent youth at the end of this year and they are scratching their nicotine

Trabant: Moment of Truth

Why does it sometimes seem that putting musicians in a room full of guitars and drums inevitably brings out their dark, brooding instincts while a

Big Jack Johnson with Kim Wilson: The Memphis Barbecue Sessions

Just the word “barbecue” flares out like a “cultural flashpoint”, enticing some devotees to lick their mental chops and recall that one special place smoking

Calvin Johnson: What Was Me

Calvin Johnson has one of the more distinct singing voices you’ll hear, unbelievably deep yet sonorous. It betrays his presence with the first breath;

DJ Cheb i Sabbah: Krishna Lila

Don’t let the “DJ” tag in front of his name fool you; Cheb i Sabbah’s latest album Krishna Lila is not a DJ

Paul Westerberg

S E T    L I S T High TimeMr. RabbitPsychopharmacologyWaiting for SomebodyAchin’ to BeIf Only You Were LonelyBest Thing That Never HappenedLet the


In 1992, Television basically wrote the book on how to make a reunion work. Draw from your past without being a slave to it, appear on

90 Day Men + Prosaics

Photo credit: Leslie Torre 90 Day Man Vs. Prosaics Only once have I nearly gotten into a fight at a rock show. PJ Harvey, last fall:

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