'The Black Notebook' Shows Modianos Undiminished Capacity to Conjure the Magic of Paris

'The Black Notebook' Shows Modiano’s Undiminished Capacity to Conjure the Magic of Paris

By Hans Rollman

Someday, perhaps, a virtual reality headset will achieve something like what Patrick Modiano has done here. 21 Feb 2017 // 7:30 AM

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31 Oct 2006 // 8:00 PM

Tate Moore: Punk Poet

Just not hitting the target here.

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31 Oct 2006 // 8:00 PM

Alice Donut: Fuzz

After 20 years, Alice Donut still brings the good on the fresh and invigorating Fuzz.

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Luc Ferrari: Son Mémorisé

Second of three final albums by the recently deceased musique concrète pioneer includes field recorded collages from France, Italy, and Morocco (including the final "Presque Rien") and a stunning late abstract composition.

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Walter Trout: Full Circle

The musical scenes from Walter Trout's lengthy and distinguished blues guitarist/singer career, revisited with old associates. Not quietly.

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Michelle Anthony: frozenstarpalace

A solid and varied release from an emerging talent.

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30 Oct 2006 // 10:30 PM

DFA: Remixes: Chapter Two

These tracks seem only as long as the groove demands, but the groove demands long, long tracks.

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30 Oct 2006 // 10:15 PM

Guther: Sundet

Pleasant and charming, it's a winning style that seems timeless.

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Various Artists: Tiny Idols, Volume 2

Who knew decade-old, long-gone indie pop could sound so fresh?

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30 Oct 2006 // 10:00 PM

Golden Bear: Golden Bear

Although it's a bit rough around the edges, the self-titled debut from the Austin-based band Golden Bear should be a treat for fans of earnest, catchy, and melodic pop music.

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30 Oct 2006 // 10:00 PM

Death of a President (2006)

Death of a President highlights the ways that news and commercial images shape public perception.

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On Truth and Dark Turns in 'Tickled'

// Short Ends and Leader

"The tickling wormhole seems to be getting deeper...

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