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Monday, September 11 2000

Barenaked Ladies: Maroon

If you’ve heard all the hype, read the Entertainment Weekly exceedingly glowing review, or listened to critics call the new album by the Barenaked

Thursday, September 7 2000

Jets to Brazil / Shiner

Formed out of the rubble of the late, lamented Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil has garnered a reputation as a literate post-punk pop band, and they proved it spades live.

Wednesday, September 6 2000

Eve 6

Eve 6’s lead singer Max Collins was sick of being stuck behind his bass during the group last tour and he vowed to shed the

Tuesday, September 5 2000

Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker lives up his auspicious live set and delivers one of the year’s best albums.

Monday, September 4 2000

Damon and Naomi: With Ghost

Complex, highly literate, melodically and harmonically brilliant, poignant, sad, beautiful, personal, detached, disturbing, strange, compelling, trance-like, soft, masterful, passionate, understated, message-filled, powerful, present, dynamic, psychedelic,

The Damage Manual: self-titled

If you look up “supergroup” in your imaginary dictionary of rock terms, you’ll probably arrive at the same definition as I did: “An ensemble

Bettie Serveert: Private Suit

This CD is the latest from one of the coolest bands in the world, hailing from the coolest country in the world, released on the

The Black Heart Procession: Three

The closest I ever got to walking the edge of a horrible drunken loneliness was from listening to the Nick Cave song “I Let Love

Saturday, September 2 2000

Weezer / Dynamite Hack

A tour featuring Dynamite Hack and Weezer may seem like the newer band hoping to ride the coat tails of the one who's already formed a huge fan base.

Wednesday, August 30 2000

Hanin Elias: In Flames (1995-1999)

It comes as no real surprise to learn, from Hanin Elias, that the Digital Hardcore Recordings stable is—like so many previous organizations espousing radical

Monday, August 28 2000

The Sunshine Fix: The Future History of the Sunshine Fix

On their debut EP, The Sunshine Fix experiments with modern psychedelic sounds. With a carefree attitude that does not undermine the cleverness of their music,

Nada Surf: The Proximity Effect

So, I’m stranded on a desert island. No, worse: I’m stranded in nothing town in AnyState, where a McDonald’s, a WalMart, and

The Jealous Sound: The Jealous Sound EP

If I had a nickel for every press release I’ve read that referred to their up and coming artist as “the talk of the

The Jimmy Nations Combo: Tarheel Boogie

Tarheel Boogie? That sounds like a provocative title. Let’s see, Tar Heel music legends…Doc Watson…John Coltrane…Nappy Brown…Kay Kaiser…Earl Scruggs…

Imbroco: Are You My Lionkiller?

The whole emo scene seems to sprout supergroups quicker than you can say “Traveling Wilburys”—everybody who’s in one band has already been in

Sarah Harmer: You Were Here

Sincerity can go a long way for a musician, especially in these days of pre-packaged pop. It’s doubtful that ‘N Sync means every word

Caviar: self-titled

From the outset, everything about Caviar screams potential. The sexy design of the album liner notes. The indulgence that oozes from a band named like “

The Churchills: You Are Here

The Churchills’ You Are Here is solid evidence that not all albums can be judged by the first few tracks. Tradition dictates that an unknown

Sunday, August 27 2000

Various Artists: Holiday Matinee Volume II

In the liner notes of Holiday Matinee Volume II producer David J. Brown wrote about the founding of his record label, Better Looking Records. “A

Monday, August 21 2000

Various Artists: Reggae Over Africa

In the United States, reggae and the rasta lifestyle have become trendy. White teenagers grow fat dreads, wear Bob Marley tie-dyed shirts and jam on

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