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Tuesday, October 15 2002


By playing safe, they might just as easily be playing dead.

Birds of Prey

Follows neither the super-crip model of disability perception, where an individual's 'triumph' over disability is celebrated through public tokenism, nor the common perception of disability merely as an object of pity.

Monday, October 14 2002

The Residents: Demons Dance Alone

The Residents’ first album of entirely new material in five years is being greeted as a return to the pop format explored on previous albums

Reverend Horton Heat: Lucky 7

Once upon a time, the Reverend Horton Heat had a lot of fire. The Reverend was dark, scary, and fearful, mixing the threatening messages of

The Magnetic Fields: The Charm of the Highway Strip

The challenge of confining oneself to choose a single album that is the “best” from one’s collection is an insane project. For most of

Andrea Maxand: Angel Hat

From her earlier days with the Minerals, a Seattle-based indie-pop band, Andrea Maxand continues to forge a small but slowly widening fan base. With the

Baaba Maal: Missing You (Mi Yeewnii)

Baaba Maal is one of Senegal’s two biggest musical superstars (the other is Youssou N’Dour), and the only one who sings in the

Moodroom: Hung Up on Breathing

There’s a high level of sexiness built in to Moodroom’s debut disc Hung Up on Breathing. This Washington DC band has what it

Luna: Close Cover Before Striking

Luna is to indie rock what Hal Hartley is to indie filmmaking: well established but no sellout, distinctive but not repetitive, mannered but heartwrenching. Definitely

Future Bible Heroes: Eternal Youth

Despite what you may think, Future Bible Heroes are not ultramodern evangelists sent to save us from the vileness of modern society. Rather, they are

Friday, October 11 2002

Dorothy Parker’s Elbow: Tattoos on Writers, Writers on Tattoos Edited by Kim Addonizio and Cheryl D

Everybody, inked or not, has an opinion of tattooing, whether it's viewed with fear, admiration, loathing, or 21st century cynicism.

Thursday, October 10 2002

Various Artists: Telarc Jazz—Celebrating 25 Years

There was once, many years ago, a television program hosted by Oscar Peterson. It was all rather well heeled and respectable and was thought by

Various Artists: The Rough Guide to the Music of the Appalachians

As the liner notes to The Rough Guide freely admit, the Appalachians stretch across a full eighteen states along the Eastern United States. That’s

Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the Soul

The new record from France-based pop quartet Tahiti 80 begs the question: how long should good pop stay with us? The gravity of some good pop

Snowglobe: Our Land Brains

If there’s a difference between being musically obtuse and being psychedelic, it’s to be found in bands like Snowglobe. Rather than being quirky

Jack Logan & Bob Kimbell: Woodshedding

Inexplicably, sometimes the collaborative sum is far greater than the respective parts. No disrespect intended to the solo efforts of Jack Logan or to those

The Lucksmiths: Where Were We?

If there was ever a competition for “world’s most charming indie band”, Australia’s Lucksmiths would win it hands down. In a live setting,

Peter Gabriel: Up

Peter Gabriel is, to put it mildly, a mercurial artist. The guy who co-founded the prog-rock juggernaut Genesis when he was a teenager is now

The Blasters: Trouble Bound

It starts with the audience, the way it always did with the Blasters; they can still be caught live every once in a while, with

Black Heart Procession: Amore Del Tropico

Fans of the Black Heart Procession’s usually downtempo, understated explorations of heartache and loss might stumble over Amore Del Tropico‘s first song, “Tropics

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