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Sunday, October 14 2001

Dave Olson: #80

Iowa City is a very small town. Highlights of the musical life here have included what I’m told is an annual visit from Jonathan

Beth Hirsch: Titles & Idols

When you think Air (the band), you think ethereal, progressive, limitless. That is why Beth Hirsch was enlisted by the band to sing on their

Saturday, October 13 2001

Keepers of the Carpet: self-titled

When a band markets itself from the outset as “nerd rock” influenced by Weezer and Nerf Herder you pretty much know what you’re in

Thursday, October 11 2001

Jane Siberry: City

Creative collaboration can be a wonderful thing wherein one plus one often equals more than the sum of its parts. The eclectic and multi-talented Jane

Wednesday, October 10 2001

Guided By Voices / The Slumber Party

Pollard & Co. Prove That Showmanship & Indie Rock Can Coexist In today’s world of indie rock, you could probably say it is rare

Tuesday, October 9 2001

Tori Amos

Before the Altar of Tori Amos Quite suddenly, the house lights went out. The crowd was ecstatic in anticipation, wildly screaming and shrieking at the

The Clarks: The Clarks Live

Despite an intensely loyal and sizable local fan base, Pittsburgh based rockers The Clarks remain one of America’s best kept musical secrets. But as

Monday, October 8 2001

Various Artists (mixed by Slipmatt): Speed Limit 140 BPM+: The New Era

I haven’t deejayed since the late ‘80s, when a kid named Sam Donaldson (no relation) and I busted it up for my little brother’

    Various Artists: Hidden Beach Recordings Presents: Unwrapped Vol. 1

Hip-hop has been mistaken for many things and it is unlikely that hip-hop, even in its most commercial forms, has ever been mistaken for “smooooove”

Various Artists: Blunted 3

Here we are again. Downtempo time. Trip hop as it was once known. Dubby beats, B movie dialogue, Old School scratching, synthesized soundscapes, a little

    Various Artists: If I Had a Song: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 2

Some may find them merely diverting melodies. Others may find them incitements to Red revolution. And who will say if either or both is wrong?

:Wumpscut:: Wreath of Barbs

As far as world music goes, Germany never gets a fair hearing, does it? All of my acquaintances who dig “world music” gush relentlessly about,

Tall Paul: Mixed Live

It’s no secret that Moonshine Records has long been a label to look toward for cutting edge techno and electronica albums and DJ mixes.

    The Timeout Drawer: A Difficult Future

Completely without vocals, The Timeout Drawer finds ways to make its variety of instruments and synthesizers speak. In this abstract world, The Timeout Drawer is

Sex Pistols: There Is No Future

The silver jubilee of punk has recently prompted PopMatters to put together an excellent collection of essays on punk rock in its various guises during

    Soulstice: Mixed Illusions

Musical talent must run thickly through the veins of the Rene siblings. Gabriel and Gina Rene, along with Andy Caldwell and turntablist Mei-Lwun Yee, form

Bubba Sparxxx: Dark Days, Bright Nights

Neither Eminem nor Bubba Sparxxx actually raise that many real questions -- except about the importance of image and marketing in what is supposed to the form that represents the authentic voice of Now.

    The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Behind the Music

Ah, Sweden. Home of high taxes, red candy fish, universal healthcare, Bergman, and heavy drinking. Every year my high school would host two Swedish students—

The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Welcome to the Infant Freebase

First, I’d like to devote a little time to talking about schizophrenia. There are those who toss the word around often, especially those whachamacalit

Rae & Christian: Anotherlatenight

Manchester is the Madonna of music towns—brilliant, mercurial, by turns trend-chasing and trend-setting, but always managing to come up with something startling and relevant

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