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Thursday, July 26 2001

Bilal: 1st Born Second

 One way to comprehend Miles is to view him not simply as an isolated mad genius but also a product of a distinctive aspect

John Benítez Trio: Descarga in New York

A short preamble—if you will forgive me. This album was produced self-consciously as a celebration of the multicultural encounters made possible by New York.

Wednesday, July 25 2001

    New Town Animals: Is Your Radio Active?

There’s not really a whole lot left to say about punk music. It’s a genre that’s been played out to its limited

Blue Oyster Cult: Agents of Fortune / Tyranny and Mutation

AAmerican hard rock/heavy metal is and has always been a rather sad beast. The best we could really ever muster was Aerosmith, whose recycled

Monday, July 23 2001

    Various Artists: The Silence in My Heart: The Emo Diaries? Chapter 6

Ah, emo. Has there been any other musical genre that has inspired so much love, ire, apathy, and agony in the last five years? Has

    ‘N Sync: Celebrity

Dirty Pop . . . ‘N Sync . . . yo . . . BT . . .Sick and tired of hearin’ all these people talk aboutWhat’s the deal with this pop lifeand when is

    Eddie Money: The Best of Eddie Money

Not so long ago, yours truly was part of a comedy troupe known as The Last Known Foto Group. We had an Internet radio show

    Maple Mars: Welcome to Maple Mars

If any of you were to look at my reviews over the past year or so, you might notice that I have acquired a slowly

    Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American

I used to be in a band. We were alright, as rock bands go, but there always seemed to be something not quite “there”, especially

Neil Diamond: Three Chord Opera

Say what you will about Neil Diamond—he knows how to work the media. The release of Three Chord Opera was aided by a marketing

DJ Assault: Jefferson Avenue

Sex and Techno, in the UK at least, are hardly two words that share much in common. Ever since Derrick May went all intellectual on

Jimmy Cozier: self-titled

After hearing the opening lines of Jimmy Cozier’s debut single “She’s All I Got” it is clear that the singer/songwriter is singing

Cake: Comfort Eagle

There is a school of thought that thinks predictability is the same as creative impotence, that if you can’t renew your sound every few

Butterfly Jones: Napalm Springs

Some say if you wait long enough, then everything old is new again. I say, when something as good as Napalm Springs updates several decades’

Monday, July 16 2001

    Various Artists: I Want My 80’s Box!

Preamble: I love ‘80s pop. Not because I’m being clever or ironic, but because I really love it and think the early-to-mid-‘80s is

    The Workin’ Stiffs: Dog Tired . . . And Then Some

Firstly, I have some notes about this album that I wrote on a bubblegum wrapper. Hold on a sec. OK, here we go. Now let

    Three 4 Tens: Change Is on Its Way

With an album title like Change Is on Its Way, Three 4 Tens take a surprisingly retro approach to their music. Reflecting and reveling in the

    The Starting Line: With Hopes of Starting Over . . .

Perhaps I should preface this review by thanking those of you who take the time to read the pieces here and then write in with

    Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Supernova

I’m trying to find a way to talk about this album. I didn’t think it would be necessarily difficult, but then I started

    Rx Bandits: Progress

Seal Beach California’s Rx Bandits are back with their second album! What? You don’t know who these guys are? But they’ve played

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