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Thursday, August 15 2002

Happy Times (Xingfu Shiguang) (2000)

Explores the many costs of 'modern times'.

Blue Crush (2002)

Big fat super-popular boy power movies don't rely on plot, so it probably makes sense that this pulse-pounding girl power movie doesn't either (and like most boy movies, this one is about a stunningly beautiful white protagonist surrounded by a multi-culti crew).

Wednesday, August 14 2002

Tweet: Southern Hummingbird

If there were a show on UPN to catalog the recent trend in the world of R&B, it would be called the Making

The Microphones: Song Islands

Usually when anyone uses the word “noise” to describe a band, I nervously clutch my beer and steel myself for the onslaught of what is

The High Violets: 44 Down

What is old is new again, goes the adage. In popular culture, what is old never remains that way. Nostalgia for past eras not only

Cary Hudson: The Phoenix

No stranger to the music industry, former Blue Mountain singer and songwriter Cary Hudson is out to prove he can stand on his own. The

Glassjaw: Worship and Tribute

When I first received Glassjaw’s second album, Worship and Tribute, I tried giving it a sample listen every once in a while, but whenever

General Store: Local Honey

One would have expected different things from the son of Elton John’s longtime guitarist. Something more in line with Status Quo or Queen would

Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash at Madison Garden

An Unbroken Circle While listening to Johnny Cash at Madison Square Garden, I began comparing it not to Cash’s other live records, which stand

The Shins

S E T    L I S T Pressed in a BookGirl on a WingWhen I Goose StepNew One AMy Seventh RibThe Celibate LifeNew


As my wife and I waited in line to get into the show, we struck up a conversation with the couple in front of us,

Mission of Burma + Silkworm

Mission of Burma Silkworm It’s a little hard for me to put my relationship with Mission of Burma into words. It’s not that

John Mellencamp + Shannon McNally

John Mellencamp Shannon McNally S E T    L I S T MCNALLY SET LISTIt Ain’t Easy Being GreenBolder Than ParadiseDelta Lady (Leon

Neil Finn

S E T    L I S T Pineapple HeadDriving Me MadOne Step AheadHole in the IceAnytimeInto the SunsetLove This Life (Neil solo)Fall

DJ Dego + DJ Ender

DJ Ender The first time I heard Dego’s main project 4 Hero was via a two-cassette promotional pre-release of Two Pages, the group’s sweeping

Second Annual All-Star Invitational Beatdown featuring The Allies, A-Trak, and Mix Master Mike

A-Trak Mix Master Mike On July 26th, The Allies presented their second Annual All-Star Invitational Beatdown, held in Los Angeles’ El Rey theater instead of

. . . a divide exists, between low and high art: genre novelists sell books while literary writers thrill critics. It is rare for an author to successfully straddle both worlds.

... this is devastating to Goldstein and Beloff, who really want to get their ass kicked in order to prove their southern bigotry theory.

eBay's business model has always been deceptively simple: low overhead, narrow focus, top-to-bottom accountability, and most of all, paying attention to its customers. In other words, conservatism. Radical.

Chopper's simple message rests in the fact that we shouldn't discriminate against people, even if they are they freakish son of the town whore.

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