CFP: The Legacy of Radiohead's 'The Bends' 20 Years On [Deadlines: 29 Jan / 12 Feb]


Monday, October 9 2000

    The Lull Account: self-titled

The Lull Account is the musical equivalent of traveling through fog. Sparse and shadowy, they pull listeners along without revealing where they’re going or

    Waylon and Waymore Blues Band: Never Say Die Live

The great thing about most country music, much like processed cheese food, is that it never really goes bad. Of course, it is only cheese.

Keith Jarrett: Whisper Not

In 1985, Keith Jarrett had a breakdown of sorts. His forays into classical music were taking him away from jazz, and the strain caused by this

Joe Jackson: Night and Day II

The millennium is truly at hand: Joe Jackson has put out an album I don’t love. You have to understand the magnitude of this.

Catch 22: Alone in a Crowd

Wow…now, that’s an unexpected feeling. The last thing I expected when I threw on the latest from Victory’s lone ska-punk band, Catch 22,

Kasey Chambers: The Captain

Kasey Chambers sounds Old Nashville. She hails from Australia, and is being touted as a potential major country music star.

    Afu-Ra: Body of the Life Force

Martial arts references in hip-hop music are abundant. Part of the brilliance of Jim Jarmusch’s recent film Ghost Dog was the awareness it had

Sunday, October 8 2000

90 Day Men: (It Is It) Critical Band

I don’t know what it is about people drawing upon bands of the past that never really made it out of DC. There has

Big Ass Truck: Who Let You In Here?

With the increasing genre-fication of mainstream radio into ever-smaller stylistic neighborhoods, is there room for a band like Big Ass Truck? The Memphis, Tennessee combo’

Wednesday, October 4 2000

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-fonics: Rhythm Rhyme and Truth

With a name like Deke Dickerson, only three vocational options exists: Air Force test pilot, high school girls’ basketball coach, or roots rocker. Given that

Tuesday, October 3 2000


I went with my friend Shannon, who almost didn’t get in. We were both lax in terms of buying our tickets, and it seemed

Monday, October 2 2000

Radiohead: Kid A

Kid A forces its patrons to submerge themselves into the wiles of noise, to work for melody and signifieds, to seek within and find something that wants, needs, and is able to understand.

Green Day: Warning

Real old school punks know that punk is about following your own path, and that’s just what Green Day are doing.

Blonde Redhead: Melodie Citronique

Although Melodie Citronique isn’t the best starting point for the Blonde Redhead virgin, the fact remains that it’s a far better return on your money than the glut of formulaic discs currently playing pied piper to the wallets of American consumers.

Robbie Williams: Sing When You’re Winning

If Robbie Williams knows one thing, it’s that he’s a star. As a former member of Take That, the British answer to New

    Wobbleshop: Bittergreen

People make music for all sorts of reasons: to make a personal statement, to make a name for themselves, to express themselves artistically, to make

Versus: Hurrah

For this reason, they’ve long been an underappreciated force in indie rock. What they do is subtle enough that they’re sometimes easily overlooked

Scarface: Last of a Dying Breed

Scarface has always scared the shit out of me, particularly in the video for the Geto Boys’ classic, “Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me,” and

Angus Maclaurin: Glass Music

Glass Music is possibly the most apt title I’ve ever heard, and it’s also one of the simplest. No, this isn’t a

The Movielife: This Time Next Year

The modern hardcore pantheon has always felt fragmented, at least to a relative outsider like myself. The New York hardcore kids listen to their stuff,

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