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Saturday, December 31 1994

Wolfie: Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat

With its latest release, Wolfie, and the Coat and Hat, Wolfie has created a record the band can be proud of. After being dissatisfied with

Shannon Wright: Flightsafety

Even though it’s never implied in the liner notes, I will refer to shannonwright as if she had a first and last name. It

    John Wolfington: self-titled

To a sparse backdrop of guitar and drums (machine or live), plus bass and piano on some songs, Wolfington plays slow, dreamy, soulful urban folktales

The Waxwings: Low to the Ground

Mere words cannot describe the heaven of this record. Gathering up everything that is great about pop music—inventive melodies, soaring vocals, crunchy, snarling guitars

David Wilcox: What You Whispered

There is something deeply noble and brave about anybody who is prepared to trawl through the very core of his experience and lay bare the

    Waltz for Debbie: Gone and Out

The contributions that Sweden has made to pop music are underappreciated. From the colorful dance-pop of ABBA and Ace of Base to the light rock

The Wilkinsons: Here and Now

Maybe I’m a bit of a Luddite, but when I first popped the Wilkinson’s disc into my CD-ROM drive, all the words I

The Wes Hollywood Show: Playing Favourites

If you’re in a hurry to get back to that porno site, here it is: If an artist tried to do a rewrite of

    The Weakerthans: Left and Leaving

My head hurts. I’ve spent the day freaking out about my idiot dog eating chocolate early this AM, worrying that those guys I saw

Vivid Low Sky: Music for Movies Unmade

Although it may show off my cavalier attitude towards music criticism, I grabbed this disc because of the title, Music for Movies Unmade. You see,

Very Secretary, Standing In The Shade

Seldom has there been such a proliferation of violins in non-classical music as this year. Chamber pop is everywhere as perhaps the perfect antidote to

Vertical Horizon: Everything You Want

The periodization of music history is nothing new. The British Invasion is a specific period in the ‘60s whose second wave has been fervidly sought

    Sarah Vaughan: Cocktail Hour

It’s surprising how often Sarah Vaughan gets passed off with a comparison to Ella Fitzgerald, considering how different the two singers sound. While a

Ken Vandermark Sound in Action Trio: Design in Time

In Vandermark’s case, it’s not sacrilegious to imagine that his name will one day stand alongside these great innovators of jazz music.

    Junior Vasquez: Twilo, Volume 1

In the ever-evolving world of dance music, one thing remains the same: Junior knows how to wake up a dance floor. On his newest CD,

    Vision of Disorder: From Bliss to Devastation

Looking at the cover to Vision of Disorder’s From Bliss to Devastation, it would be easy to expect the worst. Against a black background,

The Villas: Secrets

This CD made its way to me through David Bash, the fine music critic and contributor to a myriad of publications including Amplifier, Goldmine, and

Valvola: Teenagers Film Their Own Life

The life of a music reviewer is not always easy. Occasionally you get a record to comment upon that throws you for a loop. Italian

    Andy Votel: Styles of the Unexpected

AAndy Votel has spent a few years in rather accelerated evolution. At 24 years old, he has quickly advanced from a Manchester club DJ to a

The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground and Nico

“We’re the Velvet Underground. We can do anything.” —Lou Reed during a 1993 Velvet Underground reunion concert. For me, it’s hard to imagine what

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