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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Project K: Testing Underway

Project K’s Testing Underway is fun, but that’s about all it is. With sarcastic vocals and laid-back instrumentation, Project K sounds less like

The Pretenders: Learning to Crawl

This review of one of the best albums of the ‘80s was originally written 22 March 1984. Those stars of stage, records, and rock videos, the Pretenders

Primer 55: Introduction to Mayhem

This is the hardest band I’ve ever heard. From their press release: “I don’t know if you’ve ever been to downtown Memphis,”

Prolapse, Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes

Prolapse’s post-punk, guitar noise rock is hypnotic, trance-inducing, and mind-blowing all at once.

    Pushcar: Apartment D

I believe the term “concept album” is bandied about so often because the album itself is rarely better than the concept. Pushcar’s Apartment D

Phil Perry: My Book of Love

In 1986 with release of his fifth recording, Give Me the Reason, Luther Vandross finally achieved some semblance of the cross-over success that had alluded him

The Promise Ring: Electric Pink EP

There’s nothing I find more annoying than the attitude of a pompous, know-it-all music critic. You know, the kind that seems to completely bully

The Pilfers: Chawalaleng

Definitely at the forefront of the esteemed “Band That Should Be in a Sprite Commercial” race, the Pilfers combine all of the sudsy aspects of

Podstar: self-titled

Silverchair my ass! Here’s a real ray of hope for youth! Podstar is a four piece PPP (punky power pop) band with some chops

Plastiscene, Seeing Stars

Britpop may have passed from favor in the U.K., but now there’s a spate of American bands following in the footsteps of the

Pat McGee Band: Shine

Imagine Pat Metheny meets Robert Earl Keen. Then make that combination really toe-tappingly happy. Maybe a more apt description of the Pat McGee Band would

Pele: Elephant

Imagine for a moment that you spent most of 1999 trying to get your mind around the slippery concept of “post-rock”. Picture yourself shuffling bewilderedly through

Kelly Price: Mirror, Mirror

Even before the buzz surrounding Kelly Price’s debut The Soul of a Woman subsided, it was apparent that she would fall victim to the

The Pretty Things, S.F. Sorrow

Most likely, the first thing you think of when you hear the words “rock opera” is Tommy. The Who’s 1969 classic is popularly thought of

P.J. Perry: P.J. Perry and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Almost never less than entertaining, this album presents saxophonist Perry and the Edmonton Orchestra in a combination of jazz, classical, and pop (in the sense

The Pietasters: Awesome Mix Tape #6

It’s tempting to call the Pietasters the saviors of American third-wave ska, but the fact is they may really just be its sole survivors.

Presence: All Systems Gone

All Systems Gone is truly an incredible album. My first impression was of a slightly more carefree version of Portishead, with maybe a little bit of Seal thrown in to boot.

Pulp: We Love Life

Jarvis Cocker and company have never shied away from making grand statements, and We Love Life, Pulp’s latest album, is no exception. Rather than

Plumtree: This Day Won’t Last at All

Ahh, youth and pop. Footless and fetterless…the gawky yet infectious insouciance. That defined Plumtree a few years ago: An energetic first single and later

Pillbox: Gimme What I Want

Pillbox is a UK-based indie rock band created solely by Los Angeles native Susan Hyatt, a very bizarre individual indeed. It’s not Susan’s

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