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Saturday, December 31 1994

Dropkick Murphys, The Gang’s All Here, Black 47, Live In New York City

 Black 47 Live In New York City(Gadfly) by Sarah Zupko dropkick-black47.jpg Anthemic Irish rock is in good hands if these two bands have

DJ Disbelieve aka Wade Iverson: Out of (Our) Content

Wade Iverson, aka DJ Disbelieve, aka Probation Officer Iverson, has produced, in sound document form, a provocative meditation on poverty and social disenfranchisement. Working in

The Dormouse Choir: Tonight, We Drink With Orphans

I feel bad saying this, because they live in the same town as me and I run into them when I go to Renee’s

The DumDums: It Goes Without Saying

So what’s in a name anyway? Well, if you were to judge England’s newest, most promising export, The DumDums, by their name as

Default: The Fallout

In this oddity of a musical time where Three Doors Down, Lifehouse, Nickleback, Staind, Incubus and even Linkin Park sit comfortably beside Mary J. Blige,

Discount: Crash Diagnostic

You’ll get further with musical skill and a punchy, effervescent female vocalist than you will with musical skill alone. I’m sure that’s

The Damnations TX, Half Mad Moon

Equal parts alt-country and power pop, it’s only fitting The Damnations TX spring from the same Austin music scene as The Gourds and Cotton

Miles Davis: Aura

In 1985, the last year of his three-decade stint with Columbia Records and six years prior to his death, Miles Davis worked with Danish composer Palle

Gordon Downie: Coke Machine Glow

It’s understandable to approach Gordon Downie’s solo effort, Coke Machine Glow, with a little hesitation. His band, The Tragically Hip, is rightfully a

Double Impact: Attack: A Tribute to the Legendary DJ Attack

Upon listening to Attack I was taken back five years or so to my sophomore year of college, when one of my friends played a

Neil Diamond: Hot August Night

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who sits on the fence as far as Neil Diamond is concerned—you either like him or

Downer: self-titled

Downer’s promo photograph depicts a nicely dressed and finely coifed band that would seem to be no stranger to the sweet, soft sounds of

Dalvin Degrate: Met.a.mor.phic

Met.a.mor.phic is the debut solo album of former Jodeci member Dalvin Degrate. He was originally known as “Mr. Dalvin,” so one of

Daryll-Ann: Happy Traum

It must be interesting to live in other parts of the world other than the US, say like, Holland, for instance, where a band like

The Dragons: Rock Like Fuck

Boring band name, boring title, and boring songs that add up to a pretty boring release on the Junk record label. The onslaught of new “

Dianogah: Battle Champions

guitar, bass and drums.

Mikael Delta: Halcyon Days

This smooth selection of Deep House vibes comes from Athens, Greece, hardly the first place that springs to mind when thinking of that most subtle

The Dimestore Haloes: Long Ride to Nowhere

Punk never died; it just became watered down. There are plenty of us out here who know that Green Day and Blink 182 are not the

DJ Venom: Houseblend 7

Whenever the term “house music” is uttered, performers such as Inner City, Frank Ski, Martha Wash and Cajmere come to mind, along with phrases like “

Dressy Bessy, Pink Hearts Yellow Moons

Snap your fingers and tap your toes along with one of the guiltiest pop pleasures to come down the pike since last year’s Mark

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