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Saturday, December 31 1994

Rollerball: Bathing Music

It is advised NOT to listen to Bathing Music while bathing. I didn’t actually do any physical research to support this warning I give,

Matthew Ryan: East Autumn Grin

Matthew Ryan ambled on stage of the Tractor Tavern in Seattle looking more like an enlistee on leave, baggy cargo pants, fresh jarhead cut, a

    The Record Time: Dream in Color, Dream in Sound

Baggy is out. That’s what I’m told by the guys in The Record Time, a great little combo (formerly a trio, now a

Rachel’s/Matmos: Full on Night

The Rachel’s have typically been characterized as indie musicians playing chamber music. With the addition of the Matmos influence, their sound has been morphed

Carl Hancock Rux, Rux Revue

Carl Hancock Rux’s debut is a fully realized effort to present poetry as musical theater. It’s similar in this vein to Charles Mingus’

Radiation Kings: The Early Years

Third wave ska’s greatest blessing is its death. Driven off the best-seller racks at Best Buy and into the underground, only the devout remain.

    Refused: New Noise Theology EP

Two years ago my life was changed in about 50 minutes. The Swedish nation had imported into our country the sounds and energy of a rock

Rich Creamy Paint

I made the worst mix tapes during my senior year of high school. No structure and no continuity at all. I’d pick 12 or 15 songs,

Replikants: Slickaphonics

I haven’t heard the first Replikants album. I’m afraid to do so, since this new one definitely screwed with my head. The Replikants,

Red Star Belgrade: Telescope

It’s hard to beat the opening line’s of Red Star Belgrade’s new release: “You’re so mighty and so high / I couldn’

The Rooks: A Wishing Well

This recording should be appreciated for what it is, a deeply personal scrapbook of sentiments set to complex melody and harmony.

    Ted Roddy with The Tearjoint Troubadors: Tear Time

He’s been crisscrossing Texas, hustling gigs in beerjoints and ballrooms from Corpus Christi to Lubbock, dancehalls and roadhouses from Ft. Worth to San Antone,

    Rambient: Hurricane

The first single off So Many Worlds, “Hurricane”, appears here with several reworkings and spiffed up edits. Rambient, the group behind this tune, consists of

    Tom Russell: Borderland

As Tom Russell sees it, there are two types of borders: geographical and personal. The former is an arbitrary line on a map that divides

    Rainbow: The Best of Rainbow: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection

Rainbow’s founder Ritchie Blackmore is perhaps best known these days for two rather dubious achievements: he wrote the most pedestrian—and most memorable—guitar

Retriever, Greatest Moments Of Doubt

Not your typical Orange County pop-punk band, Retriever drench their tunes in layers of distortion, while never losing their strong sense of melody. Frontman Kevin


Rialto’s self-titled debut picks up where Pulp’s 1996 classic Different Class left off—offering glam-influenced Britpop and vivid lyrics presenting snapshots of 1990s lower-middle

Steve Roach: Light Fantastic

Steve Roach seems to be a very eccentric person. Not only does he have dozens (literally) of albums, but they’re all significantly different. He

Royal Trux: Pound For Pound

Hagerty and Herrema’s latest tour de force (and their ninth full-length), Pound For Pound bursts at the seams with fuzz and grit and cigarette

Rites of Spring: End on End

What really defines a generation? Is it the politics of the day? Is it the pop icons clad on the covers of entertainment rags? Is

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