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Saturday, December 31 1994

Willie Nelson: Me and the Drummer / Red Headed Stranger

On the title track to his latest studio recording, it’s number sixty-something, not counting sundry compilations, Me and the Drummer, Willie Nelson sings, “Never

    The New: Here Comes Everybody

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, go to your local video store and rent a few ‘80s where the main premise

    Nobody: Soulmates

Afew years ago a record like this would have been called trip-hop. These days something like Abstract Hip-Hop Lounge ( if there is such a thing)

    Beaver Nelson: Little Brother

Roger McGuinn could have made this record, but it doesn’t jingle jangle. Dylan could have recorded it, but he can’t sing. Tom Petty

Anders Norudde: Himself

While “world” music enjoys its current surge in popularity in the U.S., it seems to be Afro-Cuban and South American styles with showy vocals

New Bomb Turks: Nightmare Scenario

There are many certainties in life: the assurance that every spring flowers will bloom, that oak is sturdier than cardboard, that a parent’s love

    National Skyline: This = Everything

National Skyline’s This = Everything is all about mood and atmosphere. Mysterious and lonely, National Skyline builds meaning out of drum loops, purring guitars, and

    Nixon’s Head: Take It!

Attention America: Destroy your radios and go purchase Nixon’s Head’s Take It! NOW. Here is power pop at its most perfect. Within the 15

    Neighborly: Grass Is Greener

As jangle-pop goes, Neighborly aren’t bad. Rather than taking the obnoxious, insensitive route, Grass Is Greener does have some charm and sweetness to it.

No Knife: Fire in the City of Automatons

Please, do not drive too fast while under the influence of No Knife as you may experience some shaking and the unyielding feeling like you

Natural Calamity, Peach Head

Part of the downside of the globalization of the world is the dilution of artistic efforts as products bounce back and forth across oceans with

Neve: self-titled

Every now and then fate rears its head determining the outcome of events in our lives. In their short career, Neve has certainly experienced this

N-Toon: Toon Time

Let’s face it. The TV and radio airwaves are flooded with boy bands almost to the point of nausea. From ‘N Sync to the

New Wet Kojak: Do Things

Bless these men. I’ll get to why later. I’ll be showing my frames of reference with this, but if I had to compare

Nashville Pussy: High as Hell

Nashville Pussy is, in one respect, a band that is very close to my heart. I saw them many years ago at one of the

    The New Pornographers: Mass Romantic

For years it’s been fashionable (with much justification) to routinely chide the musical output of Canada—the names Rush and Bryan Adams begin and

Next: Welcome II Nextasy

Next, the Minneapolis-based R&B trio, wants to make one thing clear, girl: They are Freaks. Think of this trifecta of attractive singers, and

    Gary Numan: Pure

In early 1979, the UK success of Gary Numan’s second album Replicas and the single “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” made the charts safe for a generation

    Nomeansno: No One

John and Rob Wright, collectively (un)known as Nomeansno, don’t play your average punk rock. In fact, there is nothing average about these two

National Skyline: self-titled

Never before has Billy Joel, Eddie Vedder, and Björk seemed so logical a musical match than on “Metropolis,” the first song on National

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