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Saturday, December 31 1994

The Fearless Freep: And Fall Is How You Sleep

The Fearless Freep. A strange little number out from the other side of the county. Robert John Stephens “& friends” are the ones responsible for

Framing Amy: Eureka Phenom

If nothing else, Framing Amy has one of the catchiest band names you’ll ever see on a marquee, right up there with the Drop-Kick

Neil Finn: One Nil

You’d be hard pressed to find another pop songwriter with as consistent and engaging a song catalog as Neil Finn. During his days with

Fine China: When the World Sings

Trepidation—that was this reviewer’s first twinge after reading this quote from Fine China’s singer/musician/songwriter Rob Withem: “My favorites are bands

Scott Fields Ensemble: Mamet

This is as impenetrable as it gets. Or at least it ought to be, given the basic scenario. Scott Fields is an avant-garde guitarist, greatly

Frisbie: The Subversive Sounds of Love

First, Frisbie is a guy, not a plastic flying disc. Indeed, to call your band Frisbie is gutsy for the inevitable comparisons to something round

Robben Ford, Supernatural

Robben Ford has been around for years. Ever since his 1972 debut (Discovering The Blues), the world has been aware of the considerable talents of this

The Features: The Beginning

I like The Features. I like them quite a lot, actually. I thoroughly enjoy their new EP entitled The Beginning. It has five nice songs

Frampton Brothers: File Under F (for Failure)

The title song to the Frampton Brothers new CD may be the best anti-success ode since the Presidents of the United States of America’s “

Flanger: Midnight Sound

I don’t give star ratings to review items for PopMatters, but if I did Midnight Sound would be docked at least one for the

Fountains of Wayne, Utopia Parkway

If Juilliard were to offer a course on composing the perfect pop melody, Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood should be the first folks they call for instructors.

Flybanger: Headtrip To Nowhere

Columbia Records’ latest heavy metal baby Flybanger sure has a lot to offer in the God of Thunder vocals department. Thanks to vocalist “Garth”, we

Further More: Fluorescent Jellyfish | PopMatters Music Review

“We’ll rock this world for you / Whatever the world’s coming to,” Further More declare on Fluorescent Jellyfish, their first album. It’s simply

Annette Farrington: Azure Wonder & Lust

Annette Farrington has a voice of some sort of Celtic princess. It’s not a stretch to picture her out on some misty moor in

Fatalists: Take the Water

I’m not usually a very bitter person, but this album is undeniably the third most “blah” album I own, the other two being Sounds

The Fly Seville, Carousel; Sleepyhead, The Brighter Shore

SleepyheadThe Brighter Shore(Sealed Fate) Various ArtistsMystique(Sealed Fate) by Sarah Zupko flyseville-sleepyhead-mystique.jpg Judging from this trio of new releases, Boston-based Sealed Fate Records

Bill Frisell: The Sweetest Punch (Songs of Costello)

Perhaps I am one of few people on earth that can honestly state they have been a long-time fan of both Elvis Costello and Burt

File Underwater: Flu’id

On first listen, File Underwater’s Flu’id sounds sadly like another Nine Inch Nails rip-off. Desperate to achieve the same level of dark sonic

Marianne Faithfull: True: The Collection

Marianne Faithfull is often unfairly remembered these days as a minor character in the Rolling Stones story. Discovered by Stones manager/producer Andrew Loog Oldham

Flying Saucer Attack: Mirror

For some listeners, it will be hard to reconcile the bleary, shifting guitar/feedback dynamics of “Space (1999)” with the brutal, driving beat and industrial vocals

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