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Saturday, December 31 1994

    The Revolutionary Hydra: The Antiphony

When I was younger, I eagerly awaited the next release in K Records’ “International Pop Underground” series, the latest Slumberland 7"s and the bizarrely entitled

Rollins Band: Get Some Go Again

Lush, gorgeous melodies and heartfelt sensitive imagery. Orchestrated production, textured emotion, and soft, evocative finger picking make Rollins Band’s Get Some Go Again just

Suzi Ragsdale: Future Past

An intriguing mixture of southern rock and mainstream pop radio flourishes on Suzi Ragsdale’s Future Past makes for 41 minutes worth of good listening, with

    Red Planet: Let’s Degenerate

In an age when every musical genre seems to have been resurrected and plundered, it remains only for those periods in between to be mined

    The Reports: Run Into the Night

The Reports sound like just about every other easy-going modern rock band, but that’s why they work. Spirited and melodic, The Reports are fun

Minnie Riperton: Petals: The Minnie Riperton Collection

The story of how Minnie Riperton met Stevie Winder at a rehearsal during Chicago’s 1971 Black Expo is fast becoming pop legend. Riperton had released

The Revelers, Day In, Day Out

The Revelers have crafted a near-perfect album of R&B and pop. Without a doubt, Cleveland Rocks, it just has to send its best band’s ears across the Atlantic to do it.

    Rockhouse Ramblers: Bar Time

Do you like old country? Want a few tears, a few beers, and maybe a little dark corner introspection? Maybe even throw in a few

    Leon Rosselson: Harry’s Gone Fishing

The opening song of Leon Rosselson’s new release, Harry’s Gone Fishing, explains why Rosselson sings and writes songs. “. . . I haven’t got a

    Rage Against the Machine: Renegades

Renegades is a sort of Cliffs Notes to Rage Against the Machine, insofar as the 12 cover versions that make up the album map out the

    Tampa Red: The Essential Tampa Red

Tampa Red was probably as influential a blues guitarist as ever lived. Given the importance of the blues to all forms of popular music, that

Calvin Richardson: Country Boy

Calvin Richardson fancies himself a cowboy. The album abounds with pictures of Richardson topless with his rippling biceps, pierced nipples, and leather cowboy hat, but

Bonnie Rideout: Scottish Fire

I am leery about this type of music for one reason, and that is my lack of knowledge of the intricacies that go on in

The Red Krayola, Fingerpainting

As a lover of bright melodies and arrangements, I knew I was in for a challenge when I popped in the latest disc from the

    Deepak Ram: Searching for Satyam

Deepak Ram was born in 1960 in Lenasia, a “coloured” township close to Soweto, and grew up in a household where John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and

Reverse: self-titled

Reverse reminds me of 1980s college alternative pop: kind of a cross between The Psychedelic Furs, The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen. The singer

Rainer Maria, Atlantic EP | PopMatters | Music | Reviews

Rainer Maria is a band that crept up on me. I had owned their most recent full-length, Look Now Look Again, for about 5 months before

    Rare Earth: The Best of Rare Earth

Motown’s golden decade—over 100 US Top Ten hits in the Sixties—was as steady and profitable as the Detroit auto plant conveyor belts that

    Rebecca Riots: Gardener

Okay, let’s play a little game. Put on your “I Know My Cultural Stereotypes” hat, sit back, relax, and get ready to consult your

Rick of the Skins: Here Comes the Weekend

At first listen, “Petite Fille” sounds like a mistake. Picture Stereolab-esque ethereal French-Canadien chanting over the disconcerting thwang of tennis balls and a dying Casio

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