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Saturday, December 31 1994

Michael J. Sheehy: Sweet Blue Gene

For his first solo venture, the ex-frontman of the now defunct Dream City Film Club decided that he wanted to record an album his parents

Paul Schwartz: Aria 2: New Horizon

Ugh, oh no, help! Modern opera! It’s too bad—the vocalist (Rebecca Luker) on here is actually very good, and I like her voice

Saturnine, American Kestrel

On American Kestrel, Saturnine prove to be the overachieving children of R.E.M. and the Byrds pure and simple. While American Kestrel is no

Jerry & Tammy Sullivan: Tomorrow

Members of the Sullivan clan of Wagarville, Alabama, a town of some 500 souls in the southeast corner of the state, have been spreading the gospel

John P. Strohm, Vestavia

With just the right dose of irony, the exotic-sounding Vestavia is actually the name of the Birmingham, Alabama suburb where John P. Strohm now resides.

    Superjaded: An Inch Below E

Superjaded wants to please everyone. While they’re inescapably catchy power pop, they never let you forget their rock credentials (their press material makes quite

    Scot Sax: self-titled

A heads-up to all you overly serious types, bemoaning your daily fate in this troubled economy: lighten up. The message from Scot Sax is that

    Martin Sexton: Wonderbar

Growing up in Syracuse, NY in the ‘70s Martin Sexton’s musical tastes were shaped by listening to AM radio where he heard the likes

Darrell Scott, Family Tree

Family Tree is a grab bag of an album. Filled with scraps and pieces, it contains a few treasures but the majority of songs might

Sick Bees: My Pleasure

The stand-out track on the Sick Bees’ My Pleasure is without a doubt “Strawhat’s Dogs” (sung as “straw hat’s dogs), a tune that

    Senor Coconut: El Gran Baile

When I first heard Señor Coconut’s El Baile Alemán, I thought I’d stumbled upon pure genius. The second album,

Tracy Scott Silverman: Trip to the Sun

If you’re not used to hearing the violin outside the context of classical or bluegrass music, Trip to the Sun might be a pleasant

Source Direct, Exorcise The Demons

If Source Direct has anything to say about it, the new millenium is here now. The dark drum’n'bass of this English duo perfectly suits

Stone Coyotes: Situation Out of Control

The Stone Coyotes’ press release describes them as “AC/DC Meets Patsy Cline.” I get the AC/DC part—guitar solos and all—but I

    Stars: Nightsongs

Both the band’s name, Stars, and the title of their album Nightsongs have an obvious appropriateness about them. The after-midnight feel of these songs

Will Smith: Willennium

I love Lil’ Kim, but I do wonder what she’s doing on Will Smith’s unbashfully titled Willennium. Besides getting paid, I mean. The

Shooter, ...And Your Point?

Here’s something I bet you haven’t heard before: A 4-piece modern rock combo with an disenchanted female singer who makes flippant pop culture

Soulhat: Experiment on a Flat Plane

Soulhat is similar to Walter E. Kurtz, the insane army colonel who was the subject of the film Apocalypse Now. Of Kurtz it was said, “

Ken Sharp: Happy Accidents

There was a time when my Mom’s fluorescent green plastic Magnavox played all day in the kitchen. I remember songs like “Hot Child in

Smoking Popes: Live

Crooning like The Moz is one thing, but contrasting a raging punk-pop beat against it made the Popes truly unique. With brothers Matt and Eli

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