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Saturday, December 31 1994

Jason Dunne: Of Epic Proportion

DJ mixes are everywhere these days. Since the arrival of the Sahsa and Digweed mixes and the Global Underground series, every DJ and label feels

Deedrah: Reload

Fans of light, fluffy trance should stay far, far away from Dado’s latest release, Reload. Recording as Deedrah, Dado turns in a searing artist

Paul Desmond: Lemme Tell Ya ‘Bout Desmond

“Alianca”, one of the most beautiful tracks included on this compilation of the work of alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, puts me in mind of seeing

Bob Delevante: Porchlight

The hip call this stuff alternative country. What a fucking shame that this is underground. Porchlight deserves to be heard—for all its subtly and

Deep Rumba, This Night Becomes A Rumba

Forget big beat and drum ‘n’ bass for a minute—the best rhythms you’re likely to hear in a long time are coming from

Durian: Sometimes You Scare Me

Oh how the white boys whine. God the inundation of sad white males from Mid-West suburban land with their thousand dollar rigs and instant record

Dynamite Boy: Somewhere in America

Despite the fact that pop-punk is basically the hair-metal of the current era, with near-identical bands popping up like weeds all over the face of

Tadd Dameron: 1947-1949

I feel I must open this review with a confession of prior ignorance of Tadd Dameron. I am not a complete alien to the world

Dropkick Murphys, The Gang’s All Here, Black 47, Live In New York City

 Black 47 Live In New York City(Gadfly) by Sarah Zupko dropkick-black47.jpg Anthemic Irish rock is in good hands if these two bands have

DJ Disbelieve aka Wade Iverson: Out of (Our) Content

Wade Iverson, aka DJ Disbelieve, aka Probation Officer Iverson, has produced, in sound document form, a provocative meditation on poverty and social disenfranchisement. Working in

The Dormouse Choir: Tonight, We Drink With Orphans

I feel bad saying this, because they live in the same town as me and I run into them when I go to Renee’s

The DumDums: It Goes Without Saying

So what’s in a name anyway? Well, if you were to judge England’s newest, most promising export, The DumDums, by their name as

Default: The Fallout

In this oddity of a musical time where Three Doors Down, Lifehouse, Nickleback, Staind, Incubus and even Linkin Park sit comfortably beside Mary J. Blige,

Discount: Crash Diagnostic

You’ll get further with musical skill and a punchy, effervescent female vocalist than you will with musical skill alone. I’m sure that’s

The Damnations TX, Half Mad Moon

Equal parts alt-country and power pop, it’s only fitting The Damnations TX spring from the same Austin music scene as The Gourds and Cotton

Miles Davis: Aura

In 1985, the last year of his three-decade stint with Columbia Records and six years prior to his death, Miles Davis worked with Danish composer Palle

Gordon Downie: Coke Machine Glow

It’s understandable to approach Gordon Downie’s solo effort, Coke Machine Glow, with a little hesitation. His band, The Tragically Hip, is rightfully a

Double Impact: Attack: A Tribute to the Legendary DJ Attack

Upon listening to Attack I was taken back five years or so to my sophomore year of college, when one of my friends played a

Neil Diamond: Hot August Night

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who sits on the fence as far as Neil Diamond is concerned—you either like him or

Downer: self-titled

Downer’s promo photograph depicts a nicely dressed and finely coifed band that would seem to be no stranger to the sweet, soft sounds of

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