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Saturday, December 31 1994

Sweep the Leg Johnny: Tomorrow We Will Run Faster | PopMatters Music Review

In 1984 a movie called The Karate Kid waxed its way into the hearts of critics and audiences alike. With it’s spunky take on the

Simon Stinger: Devil On My Mind

Many of the songs on Simon Stinger’s second album, Devil On My Mind, wouldn’t sound out of place on one of EMI Records’

    Gil Scott-Heron: The Mind of Gil Scott-Heron: A Collection of Poetry and Music

Often mentioned in the same sentence as The Last Poets as a forbearer of hip-hop, Gil Scott-Heron created smooth, progressive poetry and backed it with

Silver Jews, American Water

Something of a side project to Pavement, as well as a band in its own right, the Silver Jews is the brainchild of Virginia singer-songwriter

Southpacific: Constance

Oh boy. Another “atmosphere” record. Yep, that’s right, another ostensibly “indie rock” band that wants to get away with not paying attention to anything

Ronnie Spector, She Talks to Rainbows

Ronnie Spector’s legend precedes her. She is the rock and roll diva that with her sister Estelle and her cousin Nedra became the Ronettes

Dusty Springfield: Beautiful Soul: The ABC/Dunhill Collection

When Dusty Springfield, OBE, passed away in March 1999, in time-honored fashion, reissues and compilations of her work began to appear. Beautiful Soul might at first

Shonen Knife, Happy Hour

Wacky Japanese pop-punksters are back with their most straight-ahead pop album ever—and they’ve learned how to play their instruments too. Happy Hour is

Stereolab, Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage In the Milky Night

Stereolab did almost the unthinkable—the band took a break. It’s been two years since Dots and Loops, but the hiatus has done nothing

    Sunless Day: Electric Ahhh…

San Francisco’s Sunless Day’s trippy ‘70s inspired rock means well. Playful as well as heavy, Electric Ahhh… is entertaining with its blatant rock

Tomasz Stanko: From the Green Hill

Jazz music has a long history as a social and cultural force in Eastern Europe. As documented so thoroughly in the novels of Josef Skvorecky,

    Sixty Watt Shaman: Seed of Decades

You know you’re in trouble when a band’s thank-you list is a page long and there’s not one recognizable contemporary musical act

Starlight Mints: The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of

On their debut release, Norman, Oklahoma’s Starlight Mints create offbeat pop tunes that are as strange as they are catchy. Incorporating strings in a

Sonny Sixkiller: This Is Your Heaven

Talk about a refreshing change of pace…. Sometimes when I’m sitting here listening to CD after CD of mostly loud rock, I catch myself

String Builder: self-titled

To some, the thoughts of anything strongly rooted in a shade of pure “Americana” are reason enough to jump out of the way in fears

Shelter: When 20 Summers Pass

Twenty summers ago I was in high school marching band with Ray Cappo, he played the tuba. Little did I know at the time that

    Rod Stewart: Human

Rod Stewart’s glory days span several key moments in the evolution of post-Beatles British rock—from the rise of the white blues brigade around 1964

Sugarcult: Start Static

What is it with bands and their apparent need to squeeze the word ‘sugar’ into their monikers? First we had Sugar Ray, more recently Sugarbomb

Sweep the Leg Johnny: Sto Cazzo!

Akin to an amusement park ride hazardous to pregnant women and those with heart failure, Sweep the Leg Johnny return to the recorded format with

Supersuckers, How the Supersuckers became the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World

So I’m sitting in the car outside the grocery store, eating ripple-style potato chips right out of the bag and washing them down with

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