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Saturday, December 31 1994

The Masters Of The Hemisphere

Athens, Georgia boy pop combo the Masters of the Hemisphere are youngsters for sure, but its members are veterans of more than 30 bands and have

Medeski, Martin and Wood, Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps): Best of (1991-1996)

Until now, I’ve never been entirely sure whether or not I liked Medeski, Martin and Wood. Perhaps I’ve heard them dismissed one time

Molly Hatchet: Live at the Agora Ballroom Atlanta, Georgia, April 20, 1979

When the smoke clears after rock ‘n’ roll dies for the final time, a select few artists will forever stand high above the hordes of

Make Lisa Rich: Another Venus

Naming everyone from Tommy James to Nirvana as an influence, Boston’s Make Lisa Rich hype themselves as the torch-bearers of power-pop. The songs on

The Makers: Rock Star God

The Makers have already had their ripple in the independent press. The band has had perhaps the biggest controversy that one could have at this

Reba McEntire: So Good Together

Only the first name appears on the front cover. That Elvis-inspired conceit reflects the beautifully homely singularity of McEntire’s Christian name, of course, but

Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now

Alternately gorgeous and over-the-top, the album is unlikely to win Mitchell new fans among young listeners.

The Mr. T Experience: Alcatraz | PopMatters Music Review

Me and Dr. Frank, we have a history. Back in 1994-1995 (or thereabouts), the Mr. T Experience (or, if you prefer, MTX) owned my heart.

    Masters of Reality: Welcome to the Western Lodge

Welcome to the Western Lodge, the fourth release by the off-kilter rock band Masters of Reality, is one of those albums that reminds record reviewers

33.3; Mogwai, Come on Die Young

 Mogwai Come on Die Young(Matador) by Sarah ZupkoPopMatters Editor & Publisher mogwai-33.jpg More often than not, instrumental rock is not terribly interesting—

    Motorhead: We Are Motorhead / The Best Of

You can’t depend on justice, you can’t depend on your woman, and you can’t depend on that beat piece of shit you

    Mest: Wasting Time

Brace yourself for a peppy punk rock record destined to satisfy the taste buds of high school aged rock fans across America. Mest’s lyrics

Jason Moran: Facing Left

I’m ready to follow the pianist Jason Moran into the promised land. Facing Left, Moran’s intellectually challenging and musically adventurous sophomore album is

    Mello Cads: Through the Past, Softly

At risk of setting off an East Coast/West Coast uproar of a degree not witnesses since the Tupac shooting, I have to say the

Make Up, Save Yourself

If Midnite Vultures is Beck’s stab at Prince, then Save Yourself is the Make Up doing a rewrite of the early Rolling Stones songbook that’s positively orgasmic.

The Music Tapes, 1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad

As if the Elephant Six family of artists wasn’t quirky enough, here comes the quirkiest of them all. For those who don’t know,

Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions: The Best Of - The Millennium Collection

When ‘60s soul acts like The Four Tops and The Temptations were tearing up the charts they relied on great songwriting teams such as Holland/

Christy McWilson: The Lucky One

Flashback. I had a really good flashback with the first Christy McWilson song I’ve ever heard. I went back in time to how I

Mustard Plug, Pray For Mojo

Pray For Mojo is the third full length release from the Grand Rapids, Michigan ska band Mustard Plug. Recently it seems that ska has been

Mephisto Odyssey: The Lift EP

To begin with, I would just like to note that in the press release for Mephisto Odyssey, their music is described as being “jazz-funk for

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