Consumption, Performance, and 'The Agony of Eros'

Consumption, Performance, and 'The Agony of Eros'

By Gregory Smith

Byung-Chul Han argues that love, sex, and even theory are disappearing in consumer cultures because our systems of finances and behaviors erode the Other in favor of sameness. 18 Aug 2017 // 9:30 AM

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26 Jan 2006 // 1:00 AM


Now entering its fourth season, Monk finds itself in a precarious position.

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The Dirtbombs: If You Don’t Already Have a Look

Like the tiger doesn’t belong in that cage, the Dirtbombs don’t belong underground.

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The Green Pajamas: 21st Century Séance

Watch out, Bono. While you've been busy in Africa, This Seattle band has been stealing your moody pop.

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Julia Sarr and Patrice Larose: Set Luna

Set Luna is an album of serene, sweet-natured flamenco with a strong West African twist.

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Patty Hurst Shifter: Too Crowded on the Losing End

Neat riffs! Brilliant and depressing words! That’s yer Patty Hurst Shifter, right there.

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The Ark: State of the Ark

Swedish glam-rockers serve tacks in their dessert.

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Love Story in Blood Red: Love Story in Blood Red

Ex-Means singer Jason Frederick turns from blues-garage stomp to twitchy, sardonic pop.

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Various: Doo Wop: Vocal Group Greats

60-song companion set to PBS special that gives an entertaining, if not always educational, listen.

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25 Jan 2006 // 11:00 PM

	Ludacris: The Red Light District [DVD]

As one might expect, a DVD devoted to Ludacris' real-life exploits comes a bit short of winning the endorsment of the Christian Coalition.

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25 Jan 2006 // 1:00 AM

Failure... assumes an air of smug, detached irony, as a lot indie comics are wont to do.

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U2's 'The Joshua Tree' Tour Reminds the Audience of their Politics

// Notes from the Road

"The Joshua Tree tour highlights U2's classic album with an epic and unforgettable new experience.

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