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Monday, June 4 2001

    Ted Nugent: Full Bluntal Nugity

The ever-controversial Ted Nugent is many things to many people. To some, he is an arrogant, outspoken, self-righteous, crossbow-packin’, gun-totin’ murderer of defenseless animals. To

Herbert: Bodily Functions

The electronic medium is one that is tremendously appealing to the air-guitar enthusiasts of the world simply because it allows one who is not classically

Howard Hewitt: The Very Best of Howard Hewitt

 Miki Howard The Very Best of Miki Howard(Rhino/Atlantic)US release date: 3 July 2001 by Mark Anthony Neal hewitthoward-verybest.jpg :. e-mail this article:. print

Bobby “Blue” Bland: The Anthology

Who was the greatest singer to emerge from the unique creative conditions that marked the Memphis music scene in the early fifties? For most there

Big Wreck: The Pleasure and the Greed

Big Wreck’s 1997 debut In Loving Memory Of may not have been a thoroughly consistent record, but it definitely contained several impressive highlights like the

Heidi Berry: Pomegranate

Like so many of her colleagues at the 4AD label, Heidi Berry made music cherished by critics and a small if devoted group of fans

The Asteroid No. 4: King Richard’s Collectibles

There is a place, a mindset, a way of viewing the world, where Lennon and McCartney are king. Jagger and Townshend rumble through the hallways,

Johnny A.: Sometime Tuesday Morning

Chill out hepcat and dig them crazy singing strings. If impressively smooth guitar sounds are your thing, then Johnny A. is your main man. Whatever

Doghouse Roses: Stories by Steve Earle

On first blush, it would seem Steve Earle might need more than a doghouse rose to make up for foisting this book on his fans. By the end, you realize the book 'itself' is a doghouse rose. 'It ain't much,' you can imagine him saying as he hands it over, 'but I did it for you.'"

Monday, May 28 2001

Mary Chapin Carpenter / Shawn Colvin

29 May 2001: Manchester Apollo - Manchester, England.

    William Pears: Big Bang!

Bear in mind I speak as a serious, longtime fan of Joe Jackson, and one who still finds pleasure in the odd Haircut 100 single, when

    Wolfie: Tall Dark Hill

Wolfie sounds like the band your little brother had when he was in high school. You’d sometimes hear them practicing down in the basement,

    David Singer: The Cost of Living

David Singer plays sometimes piano, sometimes guitar-based rock & roll, with vocals that are occasionally overdubbed to create effects impossible for singers to achieve naturally

    Neu!: Neu! 2

Neu! 2 is one of those rare albums that challenges the very notion of music itself. It scrutinizes the concept of the album, the relationship between

    My Morning Jacket: At Dawn

It isn’t just the way that he sings, there’s so much more to My Morning Jacket’s sound. Yet trying to describe their

    Judas Priest: British Steel

The Digital Empire’s plan to digitally-re-master-everything-in-the-universe reeks of hubris. Like some binary fairy dust will finally make those cruddy old 20th Century analog masters—

    Judas Priest: Defenders of the Faith / Point of Entry

There is no denying the impact that Judas Priest have had upon heavy metal music. Priest—like their European contemporaries, Iron Maiden and the Scorpions—

    Judas Priest: Screaming for Vengeance

It was with great nostalgia and a shadow of youthful exuberance that I loaded Screaming for Vengeance into the tray of my old and faithful

Goo Goo Dolls: What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art and Commerce

A long time ago, in a nightclub far far away, I met a man who introduced himself to me as John. He and his band

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Time* Sex* Love*

Mary Chapin Carpenter remains one of the most authoritative and genuine female singer songwriters around, precisely because she fits the current Nashville vogue for manufactured

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