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Saturday, December 31 1994

Marshmallow Coast: Seniors and Juniors

I’m sick of the Elephant 6 retro-pop collective. Sure, they have their share of transcendent bands, of which Neutral Milk Hotel and Apples In Stereo

Pat Metheny: Trio 99-00

The latest from Pat Metheny, Trio 99-00, smokes through a few great post-bop jazz tunes, before hitting the wall that is repetition and typicality. Then

Marine Research, Sounds From the Gulf Stream

Sounds From the Gulf Stream is this year’s pure pop gem, and maybe last year’s too. Can 13-year independent pop veterans make a credible record about staying young? “Yes, Yes, Yes”!

    Rob McConnell Tentet: self-titled

The press release for this album has it that trombonist Rob McConnell is “One of the world’s most recognized composers and arrangers for large

Lucy Mongrel: self-titled

On the surface, Lucy Mongrel has created a fun combination of world beats, classic country, heartfelt folk, and electric guitars. It sounds like little else,

The Master Musicians of Jajouka featuring Bachir Attar with Talvin Singh: Master Musicians of Jajou

The Master Musicians of Jajouka are amazing. Players of double-headed drums and various traditional wind and string instruments are born into this ancient Moroccan troupe

    Minus: Jesus Christ Bobby

Is Minus even making music? On Jesus Christ Bobby, vocals are screamed over a cacophony of guitar feedback, drums that are pounded rather than played,

    Bob Marley and the Wailers: Babylon by Bus / Confrontation

“Any interpretation of the significance of Rastafari must begin with the understanding that it is a conscious attempt by the African soul to free itself

mister nobu: c’mon wid your c’mon

Retro is back baby! And this does not just apply to the latest disco-infused dance song or samples from TV shows of yesteryear that are

The Mayflies USA, Summertown

For true pop fans, the mere mention of Chris Stamey’s name in reference to a record ensures a stamp of credibility and quality. So

Gary Myrick: Waltz of the Scarecrow King

In the summer of 1992, T-Bone Burnett released a quiet, thoughtful yet provocative album called Criminal Under My Own Hat that featured acoustic guitar with occasional

Matchbox 20: Mad Season

When I first heard Matchbox 20, a couple of years ago, my first reaction was “Man, those guys sound too much like Live.” They did, however,

Bill Monroe, Live From Mountain Stage

Bill Monroe is one of those rare figures in the history of music credited with inventing a genre.

    Maggie, Pierce & E.J.: For

There is something so effortless about what Maggie, Pierce & E.J. do as a band. Truly eclectic in sound, they seem to have a

George Martin, In My Life

As a long-time Beatlemanic, I had high hopes for this one. In My Life is famed Beatles producer George Martin’s last musical work and

    Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis: You Win Again

Because it’s not very good, that’s why. It’s not terrible but it is a bit naff, both conceptually and in its execution.

MG! The Visionary: Transparemcee

There are so many reasons I don’t like this album, but at the same time I feel bad for doing so. It’s not

Ian McLagan & The Bump Band: Best Of British

First launched into the public eye as a member of The Small Faces in the mid-1960s, Ian “Mac” McLagan rode the wave through the

Joe McPhee: Nation Time

Or that’s how things would have turned out in a perfect world. McPhee’s perfect gem of an album, Nation Time disappeared off shelves

Peter Murphy: Wild Birds 1985-1995: The Best of the Beggars Banquet Years

Perhaps best known as the lead-singer for Bauhaus and gothic poster boy (those prominent cheekbones made him the original man in the armchair, or “Blowaway”

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