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Saturday, December 31 1994

Union: The Blue Room

Pop quiz. Who is Bruce Kulick? How about John Corabi? Take your time, now. Your enjoyment of this album—a competent, even lovable lump of

The Urge: Too Much Stereo

Every summer I keep my ears on alert for an album that I know I’ll be able to listen to over and over again.

    Uncle Kracker: Double Wide

It’s so weird that Uncle Kracker is a rock star. I mean, it’s one thing for him to be spinning for Kid Rock,

    Unisex: Stratosfear

Say what you wish about the magic of Creation Records—with Screamadelica (Primal Scream), Giant Steps (Boo Radleys), and Definitely Maybe (Oasis) the label released

    Unto Ashes: Moon Oppose Moon

With instrumentation that seems like it was plucked out of some revisionist version of the middle ages and songs in both Latin and German, Unto

    The Union Underground: ...An Education in Rebellion

The world doesn’t really need another hardcore, gothic-styled group, and The Union Underground certainly fits into that unnecessary category. ...An Education in Rebellion is

U2, The Best Of 1980-1990

Globetrotting, ZOOTV megastars that they are now, it is refreshing to be reminded of how U2 began. Less the hype and the electronica bandwagon jumping,

Ui: The Iron Apple

Logic would suggest that it would be difficult to sink your teeth into an iron apple. For the sake of argument, don’t try. It’

Unbelievable Truth, Almost Here

It’s about time that one of NME‘s most hyped new bands actually lived up to the advance publicity. Garnering their fair share of

Ultimate Fakebook: This Will Be Laughing Week

The shadow of high school hangs over Ultimate Fakebook’s This Will Be Laughing Week, not only in the goofy faux yearbook cover art and

U.F.O.: Covenant

What do shred-masters Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kirk Hammett and Dave Mustaine have in common? All cite German rock guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker

Uz Jsme Doma: Ears

In 10th grade I ventured to the now-defunct Academy in New York City to see They Might Be Giants, saviors of experimental pop quirkiness. The

Ultimate Fakebook: Electric Kissing Parties

You’ve got to love the stupidity of major labels. At a time when it’s impossible for any band to sell a lot of

The Unband: Retarder

(* Actual events may not have happened.) Once, in a time not unlike the present, two suburban kids, Tommy and Timmy, crossed paths at the local

Ugly Duckling: Fresh Mode

+ Interview with Ugly Duckling Hip-hop has always been a curious sort. With an existence that has become clouded by tragedy, paper chasin’ and misogyny, it’

UB40, Labour Of Love III

With this album, UB40 makes a statement about staying power. They don’t have any. If they had any power or emotion at all, it

    George Usher Group: Days of Plenty

Patience often isn’t a virtue of the pop listener, especially in these “I want it and I want it now” times. As such, some

    Ultra V: Bring on the Fuego

The first two songs on Ultra V’s Bring on the Fuego are “Playboy Mansion” and “Money” and these are an immediate indication as to

    Peter Ulrich: Pathways and Dawns

Pathways and Dawns, the first solo album by former Dead Can Dance percussionist Ulrich, is largely as percussive as one would expect. What may come

    Train: Drops of Jupiter

In 1998, Train scored big with their chart-topping hit “Meet Virginia”, from their self-titled debut. The success of this quirky number not only assured platinum status,

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