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Saturday, December 31 1994

Ming & FS, Hell’s Kitchen

In an genre plagued by more sameyness than AM radio in the late 70s, it’s always a revelation when an act like Ming &

    Mingus Big Band: Blues & Politics

With the release of Blues & Politics, the Mingus Big Band brings us some of the most intriguing of Mingus’ work. The band was established

Man or Astro-Man?: A Spectrum of Infinite Scale

While Man or Astro-Man? is generally labeled a surf band, assuming that the group’s music is simply 1960s revivalism would be a mistake. While

    Motorplant: American Postcard

Steve! Eric! Andy! Kevin! These are the fresh-faced men who make up Motorplant, one hell of a rock solid outfit who cut straight to the

    Samantha Mumba: Gotta Tell You

Follow the analogy: Britney is to McDonald’s as Christina is to Burger King, as Jessica is to Wendy’s as Mandy is to Dunkin

Mr. Oizo: Analog Worms Attack

Mr. Oizo has been compared to Daft Punk, and there are certain similarities. Both use synthesizers and samplers to achieve a general sense of cuteness—

The Muffs: Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

I remember, once upon a time, when the Muffs were a pretty good band. Well guess what—they’re not anymore. Tired and boring are

Mr. Wright, Star Time

Le Grand Magistery is making quite a name for itself with swanky Europop. Witness the recent Louis Phillipe release and the various efforts of the

    Mortal Loom: Alchemy Through Dreams

Reading press notes is often enlightening in a way those who would manage the media don’t intend. The idea behind them, at best, is

    MIA: Lost Boys

MIA’s greatest hits album chronicles the life of a punk rock band in Reagan-era America. Lost Boys is a blueprint for how to be

    Mouse on Mars: Idiology

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that so many electronic musicians betray the same essential conservatism and lack of imagination as any other variety of

Aimee Mann: Bachelor No. 2

For a musician struggling in the face of the industry’s indifference, the answer all too often seems to be ‘No’. Aimee Mann is one

Magnified: Stand in Traffic

This is the best “we-should-be-on-the-soundtrack-of-a-mid/late-‘90s-Generation-X-film” band I’ve ever heard. Replete with catchy hooks, danceable technofied beats and lacking absolutely any integrity whatsoever

The Masticators: Masticate

This is the real deal. If there is anyone with ears out there, combined with the money and influence to put this band into the

David Murray Octet: Octet Plays Trane

David Murray is one of the surviving young guns of the previous generation of musicians who were expected to revolutionize jazz. He’s now of

    Blind Willie McTell: The Essential

Willie Samuel McTell (1901-1959) was born in Thomson, Georgia, between the Mississippi Delta and the rapidly urbanizing Piedmont section of the Carolinas and Virginia. His

Little Milton: Welcome to Little Milton

Little Milton has always known how to romp his way through an album, and his latest release shows that he’s still got it. And

The Melvins, The Crybaby

The Melvins go way back, all the way to the mid-‘80s and the pre-history of Grunge. Drummer Dale Crover played on Nirvana’s Bleach,

Mary Ann McSweeney: Thoughts of You

It is a sad fact that women in jazz, especially if they want to get famous, are still supposed to be singers not players. Despite

    Aimee Mann: Ultimate Collection

Aimee Mann’s songwriting is absolutely fucking exquisite. There’s just no other way to say it, really, that hasn’t been said before, and

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