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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Straw Dogs: any place at all

Perhaps it only seems that acoustic guitar playing, perfectly harmonizing, grizzly bearded campfire singers are old hat. Then again, maybe it’s all too common

Satisfact, The Third Meeting At The Third Counter

Often unjustly tagged as 80s new-wave-wannabes because of the analog synthesizers that weave through their songs, Satisfact is really more of a fully modern post-punk

Ryuichi Sakamoto: BTTB

Wow. This music is so extraordinarily beautiful that you won’t believe it. If any of the following reads as though I am speaking in

Sonia Dada: Lay Down and Love It Live

On its latest recording, Lay Down and Love It Live, Chicago based blues/soul/funk/whatever group Sonia Dada rocks its way through 13 tracks of

    Sviraj: Cigannine

Though Sviraj (pronounced SVEE-rye) is from the United States, it’s virtually impossible to tell. Their name captures their sound well. Sviraj means “play on”

Tommy Smith: Bluesmith

Sax player Tommy Smith comes billed as “legendary.” This is probably the usual press-agent puffery, but Smith is a wonderful player of impressive accomplishments. Born

Jimmy Smith: Dot Com Blues

With all due respect to organ royalty such as Milt Buckner, Shirley Davis, Wild Bill Davis, Bill Doggett, Brother Jack McDuff, Dr. Lonnie Smith and

Slow Poke: Redemption

So this, they tell me, is freeform jazz. Slow Poke is Michael Blake, Tronzo, Tony Scherr and Kelly Wollesen. Blake plays saxophones, Tronzo guitars, Scherr

Swag: Catch-All

Pop quiz: What’s the scariest word in rock and roll? It’s “supergroup”, and rightfully so. For the few that work (Electronic, New Pornographers),

Signing Einstein: self-titled

The opening strains of Signing Einstein are promising enough, sounding like a prog rock fantasy with feet in Pink Floyd’s general sound. When Gina

Snapcase: Designs for Automotion

Last week I found myself hanging out with a bunch of English hardcore kids (one of whom had no teeth), watching videos of hysterically terrible

Spring: The Last Goodbye

Fashion designers and models take many approaches. There’s the look that stuns you with its absurdness: dresses made from chandeliers, women wearing trash can

Shalabi Effect: self-titled

You might not be able to get past the prog-ish allusions on the Shalabi Effects debut CD. A by now ubiquitous image gleaned from the

Spoozys: Astral Astronauts

Spoozys’ press release declares that its subjects “are not from outer space; they come from Tokyo, Japan.” It is probably not an indispensable fact that

    Antoine Silverman: Blue Moods

The short review comes first: kudos to Silverman for taking his instrument in the direction he has, yes, even coupling the words “jazz” and “violin”.

    The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Extended Revelation

Here’s one of my favorite stories about Sweden’s The Soundtrack of Our Lives: They were hanging out at home with Sonic Youth (presumably

    Spring Heel Jack: Disappeared

John Coxon and Ashley Wales, the duo who are Spring Heel Jack, an outfit most closely associated with a drum’n'bass sound, have anchored their

Squad Five-O: Bombs Over Broadway

 “They is just puttin’ on a show. There is no Christian there, I don’t think, in alot of it. It ain’t sung

Starmarket, Calendar

When describing the typical band on Deep Elm, a label notorious for its Emo Diaries compilations, certain adjectives come to mind: “delicate,” “heartfelt,” and, of

Michael J. Sheehy: Sweet Blue Gene

For his first solo venture, the ex-frontman of the now defunct Dream City Film Club decided that he wanted to record an album his parents

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