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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Projektor: Red Wolf Glass

Endearing Records seems to be on a mission to keep the spirit and substance of mid-‘90s rock alive and kicking into the new millennium.

Podunk: Throwin’ Bones

From the bowels of Port Arthur, Texas, comes a hard rocking quartet with AOR written all over them. One listen to “Wings” or “Catch The

Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes: Live at the Greek

The recording and distribution of live music is undergoing massive changes right along with the rest of the record industry. This 19 track, two-CD release may

Pavement, Terror Twilight

With every British band namechecking Pavement of late (think Blur and Radiohead), it shouldn’t come as any shock that the influence goes both ways.

Placebo, Without You I’m Nothing

I must admit I never thought much of Placebo in the past. The camp outrageousness has been done to death to far better effect by

    Peaches: The Teaches of Peaches

In a world where the elusive power dynamics of sex have created a form of ideological trench warfare, it's hard to deny the citrus refreshment offered by the Peach with her brights on, bearing down on an innocent priapic fellow.

    Poe: Haunted

From its first moments, Poe’s Haunted builds mood out of its own sparseness. Even when the album layers sounds, there’s a frightening intimacy

The Promise Ring, Very Emergency

Very Emergency is brilliant by consciously avoiding brilliance. Its intentional simplicity charms and energizes like nothing the band has ever done.

Prince: Dirty Mind

While Prince has made several groundbreaking albums, 1980’s Dirty Mind, which was only a minor commercial success, still provides the most satisfying listen.

PFFR: Rock Rocker Rocketh

Brooklyn owes the charmer under me. And if not, then the city has one hell of an all out rock and roll experience in the

Pachinko: Splendor in the Ass II: Electric Boogaloo

Damn. After that title, what more is there to say? Oh, plenty. Come on. This record comes out of the fabulous and famous Alternative Tentacles

Penfold: Our First Taste of Escape

Although it’s probably unintentional, there’s a small dose of irony in the title of Penfold’s first full-length release. While Our First Taste

Pearl Jam: Binaural

As one of the pioneers of the alternative rock revolution out of Seattle, Pearl Jam is also one of the only bands to survive it.

P.O.D.: The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

The video for P.O.D.‘s “Southtown” just aired on TRL Wannabees on MTV. What an appropriately titled venue for the video to appear

    Matt Piucci: Helenes

One of the more interesting sub-genres amid the heyday of college radio in the 1980s was that of the so-called, “Paisley Underground”. So dubbed due

    The Places: The Autopilot Knows You Best

Though the title of the first album from The Places (The Autopilot Knows You Best) may reference the notion of automatic travel, the gentle, sometimes

    Popland: Action!

Reviewing your friends’ and acquaintences’ CDs is often a tricky thing. It’s great when their disc turns out to be a wonderful event, but

William Parker Trio: Painter’s Spring

Bassist William Parker has become a legendary figure in certain jazz circles. He’s been a major player in the New York jazz scene since 1972

Phish: Farmhouse

Fans of Phish rush to the store, wait sometimes hours in line for the stroke of midnight, and hope Phish’s latest studio album will

The Push Kings, Far Places

Far Places is consistently superb throughout—virtually any of these songs is strong enough to be a single.

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