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Wednesday, February 26 2003

The Honey Gatherers: A Book of Love Poems by Maura Dooley

The best love poetry (and there's a lot of it in this book) achieves this mingling of the solid and the intellectual.

Tuesday, February 25 2003

Shipping News: Three-Four

It’s easy to be ambivalent toward Shipping News. The Louisville, Kentucky threesome (plus friends) have a decidedly math- (or post-, or noodle-, or wank-,

Raccoon: Strange Terrain

Schizophrenic pop. That’s how Philadelphia, PA’s Raccoon bills itself, and it’s a label that fits. Strange Terrain is the second album-length disc

Arvo Pärt: Orient Occident

In the world of new music, Arvo Pärt is a puritan’s feast. On the threshold of being a globally resonating composer, Pärt

Leisure McCorkle: Jet Set Baby

If you’ve been missing the sounds of early Joe Jackson and are too impatient to wait for his upcoming reunion tour and subsequent release,

Jana McCall: Slumber

Jana McCall doesn’t like to be pigeonholed. Don’t compare her to Mazzy Star, or else she’ll really be unhappy. “That irritates me

The Legendary Pink Dots: All the King’s Men

The Legendary Pink Dots’ first album, Brighter Now, released in 1980, remains a remarkable piece of work. It’s a smart record filled with quietly disturbing

Honeyrider: Sunshine Skyway

Gary Strickland loves himself some Beach Boys. There is no doubt about it. But, just as surely, he’s also got a love of, and

Jad Fair and R. Stevie Moore: FairMoore

Critics are by nature proselytizers. In moments of Lester Bangsian fervor we preach to the benighted hoping they too will experience a similar ecstatic conversion.

Flickerstick: Causing a Catastrophe - Live

You’ve really gotta hand it to Flickerstick. After beating out over 5,000 bands to take part in VH1’s star-making 2001 series, Bands on the Run,

Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash at Madison Garden

When Johnny Cash brought his hillbilly troupe to Madison Square Garden on 5 December 1969, it was less than six months after Woodstock. The Vietnam War was

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Nocturama

Nearly 25 years of virtually scoring musical accompaniment to the Old Testament can take a lot out of anyone, even someone with as gothic a pedigree

Sunday, February 23 2003

Tiga: DJ Kicks

How good is DJ Tiga? So good that he can spin an entire disc’s worth of electro and even I, who once described it

Minus 5 and Wilco: Down With Wilco

Well, this is interesting. Scott McCaughey of the Minus 5 (and previously the Young Fresh Fellows) likes working with other people, particularly people from bands that

Lovejoy: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The initial shock listening to the title track on Lovejoy’s new full length release, Who Want to be a Millionaire? is how utterly moving

Bill Frisell: Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones

Bill Frisell is a jazz guitarist primarily by virtue of the influence of jazz guitar virtuoso Jim Hall; otherwise, Frisell is an amazing amalgam of

Fognode: Beat Hollow

Ambient electronica has always seemed hit or miss. On one end, ambient is the mixing of sounds, creating music outside of meter but holding a

Mike Doughty: Smofe + Smang: Live in Minneapolis

The fans of Soul Coughing are a devoted cult, and understandably so. The clever music of Mike Doughty and cohorts was witty and often insightful,

D+: Mistake

It’s tempting to imagine late ‘80s and early ‘90s indie/alternative rock as being one big old happy family. Let’s take two of

Björk: Greatest Hits

Completion of a great work-of-art cannot be easily matured by instinct alone. This is especially when many hands are involved in fashioning the project. Is

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