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Thursday, February 13 2003

Nas: God’s Son

Imagine, if you will, you are Jay-Z. It’s early December (2001) and you are getting’ ready to celebrate your birthday with a large group of

Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra: Mambo Mucho Mambo: The Complete Columbia Masters

The influence of Cuban music on jazz is now generally recognized, and any number of names comes readily to the mind of jazz aficionados when

Melochrome: This Is Motion

One of the problems with a music genre like dreampop is that to the average consumer with an untrained ear, most of it sounds more

Little Wings: Light Green Leaves

The attempt to convey intimacy through recorded music is a fraught, paradoxical affair. The moment of intimacy, the time in which the musician and the

Janis Joplin: The Essential Janis Joplin

Nowadays, major labels regularly and repeatedly reissue the same music, hoping to ring up additional sales of the same recordings. Often, they accomplish this by

Boy George: A Night Out With Boy George

In the spirit of lazy music journalism, two things need to be mentioned immediately. The first has to do with the artist behind this release:

The Quiet American (2002)

That the U.S. imagines itself in the position to take unilateral decisions that affect the rest of the world is as much a function of the nation's founding myths (all that 'city on a hill' business, represented in Pyle's notion that he can save Phuong) as it is its economic might (Pyle's knowledge that he can support Phuong).

The Other Network - PopMatters Film Review )

Driven by instant gratification and a bottom line ethos, the networks have all but abandoned the cause of great TV comedy.

Lockdown (2000)

Takes its political and ethical subjects seriously.

Lost in La Mancha (2002)

Even in the midst of chaos and catastrophe, Gilliam's drive to create fantastic worlds can be as damning, and as appealing, as Quixote's.

The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm (2000/2002)

Radioactive poison is a legacy of laissez-faire capitalism's most guilty indulgence.

The Guru (2002)

Offers a cagey take on cultural influences and intersections.

Daredevil (2003)

The good news is that Johnson's Daredevil follows Marvel's disability politics.

Deliver Us From Eva (2003)

In the she's-such-a-bitch scenes, Gabrielle Union reveals a completely wonderful comic timing.

Wednesday, February 12 2003

Ms Jade: Girl Interrupted

In the world of female rap, where appearance and crew affiliation are as vital to success as actual talent, it is rare to find strong

John Squire + Paloalto

After the split of John Squire’s post-Stone-Roses band, The Seahorses, he has been buried away in his country house in the North of England

Sleater-Kinney + Quasi

Sleater-KinneyPhoto Credit: Cori Taratoot QuasiPhoto Credit: Cori Taratoot In the top left-hand corner of the United States, Sleater-Kinney is roots music. And tonight in Portland

Jim O’Rourke Solo Noise Action

After a salsa DJ set, three piece Parts and Labor began with a soft intro which quite expectedly launched into a noisy barrage of a

Jesse Malin

My City is lost, burnt to ash and I, now, a wandering, faceless ghost within the cold confines of its canyons. After the 1990s, the

Underground USA: Filmmaking beyond the Hollywood Canon, Edited by Xavier Mendik and Steven Jay Schne

Hollywood moulded some of the most promising filmmakers into mainstream clones.

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