Revolvers, Redemption, and Yasujiro Ozus Silent Film Experimentation With Crime Drama

Revolvers, Redemption, and Yasujiro Ozu’s Silent Film Experimentation With Crime Drama

By Michael Curtis Nelson

Like Jean-Luc Godard and other French directors who were later influenced by the American crime film tradition, Japan's own Yasujiro Ozu made the genre his own. 5 May 2015 // 1:10 AM

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	Negativland: No Business

Negativland fights the good fight against corporate America and the recording industry -- what they don't seem to realize is that winning that fight requires a hard and fast solution.

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DJ Shadow: Endtroducing… [Deluxe Edition]

In terms of its influence, its stature and its quality, Endtroducing... could lay a serious claim to being the most important album of 1990s.

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	Solomon Burke: Live at the House of the Blues / Soul of the Blues

There are moments on these albums befitting a man with the title 'the King of Rock 'N' Soul', but there are plenty more that would be better suited to a Blues Brother.

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	Audioslave: Out of Exile

Audioslave are back and still making music that doesn't live up to expectations. Still, they are not without hope.

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9 Jun 2005 // 12:00 AM

For a band that knows exactly how to get itself onto lovers' mixtapes, Pinback sure needs some help choosing its opening acts.

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9 Jun 2005 // 12:00 AM

The L Word

Although there is probably someone in L.A. just like Mark -- art house aesthetic on the outside masking a Joe Francis attitude on the inside -- he never seems completely believable.

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Hating Women: America’s Hostile Campaign Against the Fairer Sex by Shmuley Boteach

My worry, of course, is that young people concerned about the current state of entertainment and women's rights in this country will read Boteach without skepticism.

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9 Jun 2005 // 12:00 AM

The Machinist (2004)

Trevor is an image disappearing, more about reduction and loss than self-knowledge and identification.

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Scottish group returns yet again with another album that, although lighter in some respects, critics and fans alike will lap up without question. What a shock!"

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	Summer at Shatter Creek: All the Answers

Craig Gurwich's sophomore disc is a beautiful, assured effort in melancholy indie rock. However, you might want to wait until autumn to listen to it.

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