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Wednesday, June 5 2002

Eileen Rose

Inside that tiny red dress is a tinier woman, and she’s standing before the tiniest crowd I’ve ever seen at the Bowery Ballroom.

Pretty Girls Make Graves

Pretty Girls Make Graves didn’t come on ‘til midnight. My friend Aliza and I snarked our way through a slew of not-terrible indie bands

Pedro the Lion

David Bazan, the man who puts the Pedro in Pedro the Lion, stood on the edge of the stage for the entirety of the hour-long

Medeski, Martin & Wood

Once the sole domain of rabidly devoted fans, funk-fusion was at one time regarded as the bastard stepchild of the jazz genre, eschewed by most


Familiar Aliens: Ladytron “Team” DJ set Terms like “nu-wave”, “Electroclash”, and “tech-pop”, have recently been thrown around a lot by the media, record labels, promoters,

Temporary Spaces by Martin Eberle

There is a sense of profound loss in the comments made by the club patrons, of affection for one temporary space now discarded for another.

Ordnung & Eccentricity by Thomas Manss

It's a beautifully produced advertisement for the product it is marketing -- the company that produced it.

The Heavy-Petting Zoo by Clare Pollard

Clare Pollard's poems compulsively re-enact the reaching out to life and the withdrawing in pain.

Tuesday, June 4 2002

Various Artists: World Lounge

Try as I might, I still can’t get a solid grip the nebulous, slippery genre known as “chill-out”. It seems to me that a

Various Artists: Champs Elysees Cafe

Eighteen elegant and suitably self-conscious examples of the new sound of France are gathered together in this fashionable collection. Be wary of the disc’s

Radiogram: All the Way Home

Allen Ginsberg once said the best poem to read aloud is Shelley’s “Ode to the West Wind”. Just go outside, blast it out, he

My Morning Jacket / Songs: Ohia: Split EP

Excellent songwriters toiling away in relative obscurity is nothing new, but in the case of My Morning Jacket and Songs: Ohia, it feels like more

Jukebox Junkies: Choose Your Fix

“I like to call it Alt Country Pop Rock”, says lead Jukebox Junkie Marc Dauer of his band’s music. That’s a pretty good

Neil Halstead: Sleeping on Roads

As lead singer of Mojave 3, Neil Halstead has been making American roots music, interpreted as only a group of Brits could. The slowish, dream-like quality

The Beatifics: In the Meantime

While I don’t trust that many musicians read the reviews I write of their music, if I could pick one message that I would

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This was a tragic ending to one of prime-time television's most engaging love stories. More disturbing, as well as more socially and politically troublesome, however, is that Tara's death completes what has become a rather homophobic and pathological representation of lesbian desires and relationships over the course of the past season.

Monday, June 3 2002

The Walkmen: Let’s Live Together

The Walkmen are cool. According to a certain big corporate American music magazine, anyway. After all, the Strokes are out conquering the world, and the

Del Amitri: Can You Do Me Good?

There’s always something slightly predictable about a new Del Amitri album: you just know it will be packed with yet more examples of wonderfully

The Breeders: Title TK

Note: This review is written in real-time, starting at 5:44 a.m. on 26 May 2002. This is in keeping with Kim Deal’s new “All Wave” recording

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