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Tuesday, October 3 2000

Green Day: Warning

Real old school punks know that punk is about following your own path, and that’s just what Green Day are doing.

Blonde Redhead: Melodie Citronique

Although Melodie Citronique isn’t the best starting point for the Blonde Redhead virgin, the fact remains that it’s a far better return on your money than the glut of formulaic discs currently playing pied piper to the wallets of American consumers.

Monday, October 2 2000

Robbie Williams: Sing When You’re Winning

If Robbie Williams knows one thing, it’s that he’s a star. As a former member of Take That, the British answer to New

    Wobbleshop: Bittergreen

People make music for all sorts of reasons: to make a personal statement, to make a name for themselves, to express themselves artistically, to make

Versus: Hurrah

For this reason, they’ve long been an underappreciated force in indie rock. What they do is subtle enough that they’re sometimes easily overlooked

Scarface: Last of a Dying Breed

Scarface has always scared the shit out of me, particularly in the video for the Geto Boys’ classic, “Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me,” and

Angus Maclaurin: Glass Music

Glass Music is possibly the most apt title I’ve ever heard, and it’s also one of the simplest. No, this isn’t a

The Movielife: This Time Next Year

The modern hardcore pantheon has always felt fragmented, at least to a relative outsider like myself. The New York hardcore kids listen to their stuff,

    The Lassie Foundation: Pacifico

Pop rock and roll somewhere between Heroes-era Bowie and The Flame-era Cheap Trick, The Lassie Foundation lay layered vocals over pools of guitars for an

King Black Acid: Loves a Long Song

Over the last 10 years, somehow Eddie Vedder’s seriousness spawned a legion of “alterna-rock” singers who sound like every word they speak is the most

Joan of Arc: The Gap

The art of aviation has always fascinated me. Here we are, earth bound creatures, with out the ability to propel our selves into the air

Guru: Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Streetsoul

As one-half of the legendary Gang Starr, Guru has been working to maintain the lifeblood of hip-hop for over a decade. His “side project,” the

Don Caballero: American Don

Don Caballero, a Pittsburgh quartet with a history of interesting avant-rock records, is an instrumental band—no vocals. In that, they have plenty of company

Creeper Lagoon: Watering Ghost Garden

It’s pretty hard not to like the depressing, yet poppy, guitar-driven songs of Creeper Lagoon. In fact, even without creating what might be thought

It is obvious Canadian songwriter Dan Bryk has been burnt by the red hot flames of love a few too many times. Lovers Leap is

Thursday, September 28 2000

St. Etienne

has never garnered more than modest record sales in the U.S., the British trio has earned a dedicated cult following.

Wednesday, September 27 2000

Various Artists: Brand Spankin’ New

I like 99 cent samplers. That’s a small risk to become acquainted with new artists, and a small price indeed to pay for Patty Larkin’

Monday, September 25 2000

Various Artists: Entertainment Weekly Greatest Hits: 1984

Thoughts on listening to this CD: Music remains music. From Bill Haley’s’ rock combo to Christina Aguilera’s aural pornography. Whenever one generation questions

Mark Selby: More Storms Comin’

Mark Selby’s Vanguard debut rocks. The opening track, threatening as it is, “Don’t You Throw That Mojo on Me” is about as houserockin’

The Solipsistics: Jesus of the Apes

This is the fourth album from the Solipsistics, produced by Earle Mankey, the man who brought us the great Jupiter Affect record released this year.

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