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Monday, October 22 2001

Dizzy Gillespie and the United Nations Orchestra: Live at the Royal Festival Hall, London

While the perception most non-jazz savvy people have of Dizzy Gillespie exists primarily in the realm of caricature, those who are aware of his work

The Grip Weeds: Summer of a Thousand Years

Retro jangle rock sounds abound, and The Grip Weeds lay claim to their own fair share of 1960s musical memories, though not necessarily the same

Elk City: The Sea is Fierce

It’s not perfect, but it’s intriguing, and it gives listeners enough of a taste of Elk City that they will want more.

Einstürzende Neubauten: Strategies Against Architecture III: 1991-2001

Berlin’s Einstürzende Neubauten—that’s “Collapsing New Buildings” to the uninitiated—are in many ways an embodiment of a certain stereotype about German art rock.

Miles Davis: The Complete in a Silent Way Sessions

The set highlights many important elements to Davis's evolving sound: his quest to strip songs down to their essential parts, his shift from acoustic to electric-based music, his choice of sidemen who best play that type of music, and, in turn, his way of coaxing the best music from those sidemen.

DMX: The Great Depression

DMX was hip-hop’s newest miscreant in 1998, snarling into an arena that has since lent itself to bling-bling blathering and bad hooks. He was a

Harry Connick Jr.: 30

Contrary to what the title of his latest release would lead listeners to believe, Harry Connick Jr. is actually 34 years old. Denoting the artist’s

Collette Carter: The New Stroboscopic

Synths. I love ‘em, as any six months worth of my reviews should prove, especially under the fingers of an Alan Wilder, a Joe Jackson—

The Cranberries: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

The record company hyperbole enthusiastically heralds The Cranberries’ fifth album, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, as a return to the phenomenally successful Irish band’

Jane Bunnett: Alma de Santiago

Cuban music has become rather omnipresent these days, and it’s tempting to write off any norteamericano who travels down there and starts messing around.

Regina Belle: This is Regina

Though Anita Baker first emerged as lead vocalist of Chapter 8 in 1979 and her debut solo recording The Songstress was released in 1983, it was not until 1986

Be: Thistupidream

Thistupidream is an album teetering on perfection. Its ten tracks threaten to transform themselves into a musical epic at nearly every turn thanks to the

Bush: Golden State

Golden State, the new release from alternative-rock mainstay Bush, is finally here, but is it any good? Bush continues on the road that began with

The Beanweevils: self-titled

The Beanweevils is without a doubt the most repugnant release of the year. Period. I hasten to even write a full-length review for this group

Don Byron: You Are #6

Don Byron is the most ambitious jazz artist in the United States of America. He wants it all, and he wants it bad. In 10 years,

The Appleseed Cast: Low Level Owl Volume II

Now that we’re here at Volume II of the Appleseed Cast’s epic project Low Level Owl, let’s take a few minutes to

The Allman Brothers Band: The Road Goes on Forever: A Collection of Their Greatest Recordings [Expa

“The vision was anti-industrial, anti-mechanical. It was mystical, just out of reach: a private self-revelation. It was the myth of the South, recast for a

Sunday, October 21 2001

Various Artists: Hallelujah

Gospel has been part of dance music for a long time of course, though never so explicitly as in this current manifestation.

The Dismemberment Plan: Change

Two years ago The Dismemberment Plan were independent rock’s Next Big Thing. After being dropped by Interscope, they released Emergency and I on DeSoto—

Aphex Twin: Drukqs

We were all on the edge of our seats back in the day, when Richard James' tunes were an explosive mixture of ray guns, mouth harps, and ping-pong balls. On 'Drukqs' he just opens up his box and draws out the same dusty old props.

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