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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Vivino Brothers Blues Band: self-titled

The peppy squeal of a saxophone played in the soprano register, a cheesy hotel lounge organ sashays in the background, the drummer sounds like he’

Velocette, Fourfold Remedy

Until a few years ago, the members of Velocette played in neo-mod combo Comet Gain. Leaving David Christian with that moniker, Sarah Bleach, Sam Pluck,

Sergio Vega: The Ray Martin Sessions

Okay, let’s hit the history books first: Sergio Vega started out in the New York hardcore scene, playing in Absolution before moving on to

    Vancouver Nights: self-titled

Pop songs are a dime a dozen, but a perfect pop song? That’s a rare beauty. The best songwriters write perfect songs with ease,

VNV Nation: Empires

They took the growing scene by storm with their phenomenal second release, Praise the Fallen, and live shows have only enhanced their reputation as the

Rhonda Vincent: Back Home Again

After a disappointing and disillusioning attempt at the brass ring in Nashville—two straight country albums for James Stroud’s Giant Records, Written In The

Mathias Rüegg’s Vienna Art Orchestra: Triangulum

The Vienna Art Orchestra, which has been around since its creation in 1977 by Mathias Rüegg, has been nominated for Best Big Band in several

Vote for Noah: Introducing the New Ordinary

Containing one of the best cover designs (a Home Shopping Network style doll advertisement) and titles of the year, Introducing the New Ordinary does just

Vitro, Distort

The Beatles had The Monkees and now Prodigy has Vitro. Undulging in the same dodgy and uninteresting blend of hard rock and techno that plagued

    Joe Venuti and Tony Romano: Never Before… Never Again

Recorded and produced by Johnny Mercer, Never Before… Never Again captures a spontaneous 1954 Hollywood studio date between legendary jazz violinist Joe Venuti and journeyman guitarist

Noe Venable: No Curses Here

After being beaten-up (verbally, not physically) by a band that didn’t like the (largely favorable!) review I wrote about their last CD, I’ve

    Vivabeat: The Good Life 1979-1986

I wondered, in finding information about Vivabeat while trying to decide whether to request this retrospective for review, if there were a case to be

Vallejo: Into the New

Into the New was co-produced by the group and Michael Barbiero, whose known for his work with Blues Traveler, Guns N’ Roses, and Metallica and

Vienna Art Orchestra: All That Strauss

 “Ya, ya ya, give me oom-pa-pahWhen I want a melodyLilting through the houseThen I want a melodyBy StraussIt laughs, it sings, the world is

Vermont: Living Together | PopMatters Music Review

I almost fell asleep twice this afternoon. The first time was while I was relaxing in front of the fireplace. The second time was when

Unbelievable Truth: sorrythankyou

Mega Media Merger strikes again! In this episode of the Musical Heroes of Justice, melancholy British band Unbelievable Truth perseveres through blasts from major label

Union: The Blue Room

Pop quiz. Who is Bruce Kulick? How about John Corabi? Take your time, now. Your enjoyment of this album—a competent, even lovable lump of

The Urge: Too Much Stereo

Every summer I keep my ears on alert for an album that I know I’ll be able to listen to over and over again.

    Uncle Kracker: Double Wide

It’s so weird that Uncle Kracker is a rock star. I mean, it’s one thing for him to be spinning for Kid Rock,

    Unisex: Stratosfear

Say what you wish about the magic of Creation Records—with Screamadelica (Primal Scream), Giant Steps (Boo Radleys), and Definitely Maybe (Oasis) the label released

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