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Monday, September 3 2001

Bruce Robison: Country Sunshine

Back in the mid-‘90s, a friend of mine was a regular in Austin’s honky-tonks. This was when it was easy to catch Dale

Mazarin: A Tall Tale Storyline

I must say that A Tall Tale Storyline is rather a delightful pop record—as intelligent and whimsical as its title. Like its brother in

    Ming & FS: The Human Condition

Truly an album for those who appreciate eclectic sound-mashing, Ming & FS’s The Human Condition is an enjoyable romp through junkyard territory. And in

The Murder City Devils: Thelema

There’s no accounting for taste. So why do people write and read reviews? One answer may be an implicit belief in the commonality of

    MC Lyte: The Very Best of MC Lyte

Nearly a decade before Eve would become the “belle” of the Ruff Ryders, Flatbush born Lana Moorer, then still in her teens, was dropping lines

    Jeff Kelly: Indiscretion

The title song is a blazing rock anthem about feeling guilty for sexual relationships outside of marriage. Kelly expresses regret and lust at the same

Hot Little Rocket: Danish Documentary

I’m sitting here trying to decide once again what to write about an album that could easily be summed up in one or two

Wayne Hancock: A-Town Blues

Wayne Hancock walks a very fine line exceptionally well. If he were to stumble even a bit, his style of no-frills classic country and his

Margo Guryan: 25 Demos

Hindsight and nostalgia are the faulty prisms through which we see the 1960s as simpler and better times. Far from the musical worlds of the

Garmarna: Hildegard von Bingen

Garmarna may add more fuel to the ongoing dialogues about authenticity in musical presentation with their latest endeavor, Hildegard von Bingen . This album is an

Fugu: Fugu 1

Stepping into Fugu’s world for the first time feels like crawling into a hidden corner of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

Duane Eubanks Quintet/Sextet: Second Take

There always seems to be space these days for a good Hard Bop outfit. It was rather different 30 years ago when it seemed that Art

Converge: Jane Doe

A lot has been said about the whole “math rock” genre. But no one ever seems to apply the label to any type of music

Bows: Cassidy

Atmospheric and unrestrained, Bows’ sophomore album Cassidy incorporates a trip-hop vibe with jazz and drum and bass influences. Not wanting to be limited to any

The Best Friends Group: When Everyone’s Around

The Best Friends Group is exactly what it sounds like: a group of friends getting together to play music. These friends are gifted indie-pop musicians

Sunday, September 2 2001

Hydroplane: The Sound of Changing Places

As members of The Cat’s Miaow, Kerrie Bolton and Andrew Withycombe help create pretty, smart pop music. With their other band Hydroplane, they do

Friday, August 31 2001

Pine Mountain Railroad: Knoxville Train

Let’s talk Tennessee cuisine. Folks in the Volunteer State are fiercely loyal to their native brands. For example, a blackberry cobbler would be ruin’

Tuesday, August 28 2001

Björk: Vespertine

Vespertine is the best album of Björk’s career.

Monday, August 27 2001

    Muddy Waters: The Anthology: 1947-1972

Born in 1915 in rural Mississippi, McKinley Morganfield had an early childhood that differed little from those of most African-Americans growing up in the thick of

U-Roy: Now

In terms of influencing the way music sounds today it is not too fanciful to accord the Jamaican sound systems of the 1960s and ‘70s

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