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Monday, March 19 2001

Delinquent Habits: Merry Go Round

Delinquent Habits were all over MTV in 1996 with “Tres Delinquentes”, a snappy hip-hop track with a hook supplied by mariachi trumpets. At the time perceived

Miles Davis & John Coltrane: The Best of the Complete Columbia Recordings

In hindsight, it’s easy to assume the albums Miles Davis made with John Coltrane and the rest of his fabled first quintet between 1955 and 1961

Black Box Recorder: The Facts of Life

Its Gallic flavor notwithstanding, 'The Facts of Life' serves up a wonderful slice of traditional English miserablism. Like Pulp and Blur, Black Box Recorder has mastered a pop culture aesthetic inextricably linked to the post-war decline, one that turns complaining about how dreadful everything is into a supremely ironic, comic art form.

Tim Buckley: Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley Anthology

Tim Buckley died of a heroin overdose in 1975 at age 28. During his lifetime he recorded nine studio albums. He was a uniquely gifted singer whose

The Black Halos: The Violent Years

The musical atrocities being committed these days in the name of punk rock are astounding. A quarter-century ago a handful of intrepid artists did their

Alpha: The Impossible Thrill

Until the dawn of punk, those of us who grew up in Bristol in the 1970s had little to be happy about on the rock

Asa Cruz: Pop Star / ATC (A Touch of Class): Planet Pop

 ATC (A Touch of Class) Planet Pop(Republic/Universal)US release date: 6 February 2001 by Patrick Schabe asacruz-popstar.jpg :. e-mail this article:. print this article:.

Friday, March 16 2001


I am slipping into nothingness. A strange nothingness this is though: a nothingness with substance.

Tuesday, March 13 2001

    True Love: self-titled

Well, here’s yet another band that sounds like they’re ready to have some hits. Will anyone listen? Let’s hope so. For True

Monday, March 12 2001

    Various Artists: Have You Had Your Vitamin B-3 Today?

This latest compilation from Joel Dorn and Label M is a collection of organ jazz mostly from the early 1960s. It is not, to my

    Various Artists: Pure 80’s Hits

Every generation winds up rediscovering themselves through pop culture nostalgia crazes. However, I still cannot fathom the interest in the 1980s that causes such quickie

    King Britt presents Sylk 130: Re-Members Only

Odd decade, the eighties. Reagan, Thatcher, early MTV, the cretinization of Hollywood, greed is good etc.—a sorry list. As far as music goes, many

    The Ocean Blue: Davy Jones’ Locker

Ethereal, delicate, shimmering, beautiful, mysterious, poetic, majestic, powerful, sublime. These are all words that have been used to describe the ocean, and they’re all

    Our Lady Peace: Spiritual Machines

It’s hard to know how to feel about Our Lady Peace. They have they appearance of a rock band who believes themselves to be

    Lenola: Treat Me To Some Life

These days it seems that most of the bands influenced by the early ‘90s “shoegazer” scene or interested in making similarly dreamlike music work in

    Los Super Seven: Canto

Perhaps it’s a side effect of our fast-paced, modern culture. Perhaps it’s the result of record companies always trying to hop on the

    Joe Lovano: Flights of Fancy: Trio Fascinations Edition Two

This is the introspective face of High Modern jazz that has the die-hard fans slavering. Furthermore, on the strength of this release, at the end

Hesher: Self-Titled Debut

Hesher, aka Chip Love, is being touted as “the next Beck”, which is probably our generation’s answer to the crippling “next Dylan” tag of

Johnny Griffin & Steve Grossman Quintet: self-titled

Tenor duels were a big attraction in the Kansas City Swing era. Sax men lined up in the wings waiting to do battle with whoever

Frolic: To Dream, Perchance to Sleep

Frolic’s To Dream, Perchance to Sleep is undoubtedly beautiful, with Kelly O’Brien’s misty voice and the barely there arrangements. It’s haunted

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