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Monday, May 29 2000

Belle Starr: Nobody You’d Know

I’m not really sure how to classify Belle Starr. They’re not coffeehouse folksy tripe; they’re not really country; there’s no bluegrass

Saturday, May 27 2000

Primal Scream: 28 May 2000: Hammerstein Ballroom - New York

Six years later, Primal Scream are back.

Monday, May 22 2000

XTC: Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)

Wasp Star is the kind of album that can reinvigorate the listener in the belief that pop music is wonderful and hasn’t degenerated into carbon copy boy bands.

The Go Go’s: VH1 Behind the Music: Go Go’s Collection

The only real problem with this collection is that it has no particular reason to exist. Don’t get me wrong. Charlotte Caffey (guitar, keyboards,

Garrison: A Mile in Cold Water

Someone needs to tell Garrison to grow up. With their unoriginal instrumentation and whiny vocals, Garrison comes across as an overgrown adolescent garage band that

En Vogue: Masterpiece Theater

It’s hard to respect groups assembled by record industry moguls who hold auditions to find the “types” they think will appeal to the largest

Dynamite Hack: Superfast

A novelty single can either make or break a new band. It’s too early in the game to tell which will happen to Dynamite

Dilated Peoples: The Platform

It’s the year 2010. I stopped by the local watering hole to sip on a glass of Chevis Regal after an unusually long day at

Carpenters: Singles 1969-81

If you were a child of the ‘70s you probably have a soft spot for the squeaky-clean easy-listening sounds of Karen and Richard Carpenter. The

Johnny Cash: Love, God, Murder

Love, God, Murder, 48 tracks on three themed discs, isn’t any sort of greatest hits package (a mere seven of his 104 charting singles are represented),

The Clientele: A Fading Summer

When music is described as “introspective,” usually it’s with someone like Lou Barlow or Morrissey, the tortured soul wringing sad stories from his lonely

Robert Belfour: What’s Wrong With You

Just yesterday a friend of mine and I were talking about Robert Johnson and wondering what his music would sound like if it had been

George Benson: Absolute Benson

George Benson’s music has always been eclectic. He’s had many agreeable R&B and pop hits, including a cover of “On Broadway,”

Friday, May 19 2000

Small Time Crooks

Allen’s best work achieved greatness by being more than funny —by revealing or capturing something more substantive about human relationships. With Small Time Crooks, the substance comes from the unexpected satire of class differences that gets at something truer than a mere fish-out-of-water story.

Monday, May 15 2000

Elwood: The Parlance of Our Time

When it comes to white boys trying the hip-hop thang, however subtle or nonchalantly, the result is almost always bittersweet: sure, it’s catchy and

Bangs: Sweet Revenge

Sarah, Maggie, and Kyle absolutely rock! Plus, they cover Cheap Trick’s “Southern Girls.” Better? Sweet Revenge gets in your face, pulls your hair, and

BBMAK: Sooner Or Later

Let’s go on a little bullshit hunt, shall we? The following quotes are from the promotional material sent with this CD: 1. “One listen to

David Alvarez y Juego de Manos: Mundo Loco

I’m happy to report that Mundo Loco (Mad World) spent some time at the top of the charts in Cuba. For being a serious

Thursday, May 11 2000

Elliott Smith

As the show progressed, I couldn¹t help but notice that the set list consisted almost entirely of tracks from Figure 8

Road Trip (2000)

Most of the humor in Road Trip depends upon the audience identifying with the characters' sexual anxiety.

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