The Bad Beginning Is Anything But in Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

"The Bad Beginning" Is Anything But in Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

By Deborah Krieger

Both visually and narratively, A Series of Unfortunate Events works far better as a series than the ill-conceived film that proceeded it; a gothic fable for our time. 16 Jan 2017 // 10:53 AM

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Reading this novel is like watching Auster trying his best to remake his beloved city out of sand castles on Coney Island instead of the shattered fragments of the World Trade Center.

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19 Feb 2006 // 11:00 PM

The Sword: Age of Winters

The Sword’s debut does cater to the non-metal crowd, but contrary to what the cynics claim, doesn’t alienate metal fans one bit.

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Catherine Tuttle is a few years and few harsh break-ups away from true greatness.

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The jazz pianist and composer constructs an absorbing, career-summarizing fantasy soundtrack.

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Oysterband hire a hall, invite some musicians to jam, rehearse a little, and put on a show with songs about booze, love, and murder.

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As usual, Part 2 deviates from the norm, this time by releasing a solo album that somehow manages to be a completely collaborative effort.

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Australia's latest export fares well in their full-length debut.

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Join me on the murky banks of whatever river might exist in Sheffield. There we will find pheasant, green pheasant, and it will be folky and delicious.

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Bejar's career-defining seventh casts itself toward infinity…comes up aces.

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	The Sugarcubes: The DVD [DVD] / Live Zabor [DVD]

With her pixie-like looks, dazzling vocal range, and mesmerizing stage presence, it was hard not to focus on Björk.

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