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Saturday, December 31 1994

Our Lady Peace, Happiness…Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch

It should come as no surprise that this latest attempt to resuscitate and reinvent the fledging market of sensitive angst rock should fail. Just as

Phil Ochs: The Early Years / Tim Buckley: Once I Was: BBC Sessions

Phil Ochs and Tim Buckley: two important musical figures from different ends of the the same complicated, haunted, and overly-analyzed decade: the 1960s. While Ochs

Oasis: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

Noel Gallagher attempts to right the ship on Standing on the Shoulder of Giants by diversifying Oasis’ sound and soaking up some contemporary influences from the Beta Band to the Chemical Brothers.

Orange Hat: Pufferfish

How do you sing so clearly when your tongue is lodged so firmly in cheek? Orange Hat feeds at the trough of Jellyfish in appearance

North Mississippi All-Stars: Shake Hands with Shorty

Still, songs like the military march of “Station Blues,” and the kinetic, Black Crowes ferocity of “Shake ‘Em on Down,” get under your skin and

The Need: The Need Is Dead

Need it and get it! Radio’s guitar work is technically and rhythmically genius. Better? Can’t be. Rachel rocks right along with her on

Nas: Nastradamus

It’s standard practice these days to wonder what happened to the promise shown so early by Nas. It seems that as often as he’

The Neville Brothers, Valence Street

This is the type of music you know that someone put their foot into, as they say. “Valence Street,” the title cut is a funky-blues

Nickel Creek: self-titled

You don’t have to live in Texas or Tennessee to feel the country blues. You can live anywhere: in Southern Ontario, as Willie P.

New Sweet Breath: Acceleration & Distortion

Have you ever had a band you’ve really, really liked and followed for years that practically no one in the world (or at least

    New Found Glory: self-titled

When New Found Glory out drew the headlining band slot on a previous Warped tour, it proved that they had a good thing going. The

Leona Naess: Comatised

Ever since the end of the Lilith Fair, the female singer- songwriter has had no place to go. After the somewhat lackluster reception given to

    Nonpoint: Statement

As another rap/metal hybrid, Nonpoint, by nature, is pretty obnoxious, always striving in every moment on Statement to prove how hardcore they are, and

    The New Year: Newness Ends

Debutantes of the dustbowl, the New Year emerge from the ashes of the state of Texas and the band once known as Bedhead to create

Nikki and the Corvettes: self-titled

Straight outta Detroit! Nikki and the Corvettes were an enthusiastic danceable blend of girl group innocence and the surf-punk blueprint of The Ramones. While The

Night Ranger: The Best of Night Ranger

My hopeful explanation for The Best of Night Ranger being part of Universal Music Group’s “20th Century Masters/The Millennium Collection” is that somebody

    The No WTO Combo: Live from the Battle in Seattle

Jello Biafra is just a big, giant asshole. His self-righteousness knows no bounds, even while he’s warning others of the perils of self-righteousness, including

Nevada Bachelors: Hello Jupiter

The best thing about this CD is the label it came out on, PopLlama, a label that in the past has released CDs by The

Willie Nelson: Me and the Drummer / Red Headed Stranger

On the title track to his latest studio recording, it’s number sixty-something, not counting sundry compilations, Me and the Drummer, Willie Nelson sings, “Never

    The New: Here Comes Everybody

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, go to your local video store and rent a few ‘80s where the main premise

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