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Monday, March 12 2001

Hesher: Self-Titled Debut

Hesher, aka Chip Love, is being touted as “the next Beck”, which is probably our generation’s answer to the crippling “next Dylan” tag of

Johnny Griffin & Steve Grossman Quintet: self-titled

Tenor duels were a big attraction in the Kansas City Swing era. Sax men lined up in the wings waiting to do battle with whoever

Frolic: To Dream, Perchance to Sleep

Frolic’s To Dream, Perchance to Sleep is undoubtedly beautiful, with Kelly O’Brien’s misty voice and the barely there arrangements. It’s haunted

Reverend Gary Davis: Live at Newport

By becoming an ordained Baptist minister in 1937, Reverend Gary Davis avoided being labeled another “Blind…” somebody. Blues has a long list of these: Blind Boy

Daft Punk: Discovery

I’m one of those people who will often sit around and start conversations with phrases like “Remember when techno music was really good?” I

Eric Clapton: Reptile

In recent weeks Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs has found its way onto the car stereo to remind me of what a glittering, if

Steve Almaas: Kingo a Wild One

From pioneering punk rock in Minneapolis/St. Paul with Suicide Commandos in the late 1970s (thereby stirring the musical impulses of Husker Du, The Replacements,

Tuesday, March 6 2001

Bob Belden: Black Dahlia

In postwar Los Angeles, where “You can make it there when you can’t make it anywhere else”, as actor Robert Mitchum once said, the

Monday, March 5 2001

Various Artists: Respect Is Burning Presents Respect to DJ Deep

e-mail this article My local record store has got so fed up trying to keep up with all the amoebic sub-dividing that goes on in

    Roseanna Vitro: Thoughts of Bill Evans: Conviction

You know a jazz singer’s album is in trouble when you keep wishing the singer would stay quiet, so you could hear the music.

    Otto Von Schirach: 8000 B.C.

Otto Von Schirach’s debut LP 8000 B.C. fully violates the divide between interesting experimental wizardry and utter nonsense. Like his colleagues Richard Devine and

    Tipsy: Uh-Oh!

Uh-Oh! is the title of Tipsy’s second album, but it isn’t a cry of fear or horror. It’s more like the outburst

    The Tyde: Once

The alternative country/“No Depression”/Cosmic American music scene (call it what you will) has been well served in the last five years with bands

    Silver Scooter: The Blue Law

Two things come to mind at a first listen to Austin band Silver Scooter’s new album, The Blue Law: A) it sounds a lot

    Amy Ray: Stag

Denizens of Atlanta’s live music scene over the past decade or so are well familiar with the presence of the Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray.

    Mall: 05.17.2012 01:34:28 PM -0400

The opening track on Mall’s second album, 05.17.2012 01:34:28 PM -0400, sets an unmistakable mood, through recorded dialogue and atmospheric based music: People hanging out late

    Delbert McClinton: Nothing Personal

While many things may change over the years, the attitudes and vibes of your average roadhouse don’t. In those places of smoky haze and

    Branford Marsalis/Orpheus Chamber Ensemble: Creation

The first thing I notice in listening to Creation, Branford Marsalis’s new album of classical music arranged for the saxophone and chamber orchestra, is

Mike Ladd: Vernacular Homocide

What to make of Mike Ladd? He’s been called “the Tom Waits of hip-hop”, and been likened to the Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, and

    Pete Krebs and Danny Barnes: Duet for Clarinet and Goat

Dust bowl soul brothers Pete Krebs (ex-Hazel singer/songwriter) and Danny Barnes (ex-Bad Livers frontman) have joined their God fearing and mother loving heads together

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