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Saturday, December 31 1994

    Various Artists: Deep Concentration 3

While the MC still gets the lion’s share of the attention in hip-hop, and, despite the presence of Fatboy Slim songs in nearly every

    Various Artists: Ambient Soho Volume II

While it remains true that atmospheric electronica is usually associated with the dilated pupils of youthful punters in search of a comforting conclusion to a

    Various Artists: Heart of Soul Classics 2

The Vaults, Universal Records. Two compilers fire torch beams up and down the darkened and dust-edged shelves. “Time to raid the archives,” says one. “Yes,

    Various Artists: Nuggets, Vol. 2: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire & Beyond

If there’s one type of music fan that never fails to get my goat it’s the Beatles fan who listens to no other ‘6

Various Artists, Wired: Music Futurists

In this era of so-called music futurism, it may be something of a revelation to discover that much of the touted “forward-thinking music” has really

Various Artists: Smooth Jazz Grooves: The Mellow Side of Acid Jazz

This Music Club collection of Acid Jazz records is equal parts the sort of instant-mash covers of popular songs one hears in supermarkets, vibe-heavy instrumentals, ‘7

Various Artists, Rare On The Air Volume 4

Since 1979, Los Angeles’ National Public Radio station has provided an on-air forum for diverse artists to try out new material and play old hits. The

    Various Artists: Pagan Dance Anthems

No, this is not a compilation of neo-tribal chants and percussion jams. Pagan Records is a British house music label, and Pagan Dance Anthems is

Various Artists: Heart of Metal

Even for a genre as dodgy as the power ballad (loosely defined: any love song by a metal band from the mid- to late eighties),

Various Artists, Goth: Music of the Shadows, Vol. 1

With the goth subculture drawing unprecedented media attention these days, the time is probably right for retrenchment. As with any interest group (sports fans, Trekkers,

    Various Artists: Trax Classics Presents Rewind

If you’re not a pretty hard-core fan of dance music, this will either bore the pants off you or drive you to distraction. But

    Various Artists: Sessions Vol. 3

It’s no small feat to be one of the leading house music labels in Chicago, the city that invented the sound and still cranks

    Various Artists: Heart of Metal 2

That heavy metal and its hair—in all seriousness—had such tremendous clout during the 1980s is one of the greatest, and most ironic, American

    Various Artists: David X. Young’s Jazz Loft

One of the very best moments on David X. Young’s Jazz Loft happens about two and a half minutes in to the opening track,

Various Artists: Nite Life 08 Mixed by Joey Negro

Dave Lee is a busy man. He also operates under more aliases than a master spy. However, it is as Joey Negro that most of

Various Artists: Klezmer Festival 1998: Live at the Knitting Factory

Broadly put, Klezmer, short for “kley-zemer” (musical instruments), refers to the conglomeration of German, Greek and Eastern European music traditionally played at Jewish celebrations. Klezmer

    Various Artists: Take a Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute to Rap

My mother always told me that if I don’t have anything nice to say, then I shouldn’t say anything at all. If I

Various Artists: Like A Prayer: The Sound of New Gospel

Traditional gospel often is a big sound, carried by choirs of many voices. Envision singers assembled into mass choirs, making up temple choirs. At the

    Various Artists: Sell Out with the In Crowd

Sell Out with the In Crowd is a collection of tracks by up and coming San Francisco artists, as chosen by local musicians and journalists.

    Various Artists: Platinum Hits 2000

There is something deceptive about the title of Platinum Hits 2000, a 17-track hits package compiled by Columbia Records. First of all, Lauryn Hill’s “Doo

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