Paul McCartney: Tug of War / Pipes of Peace

Paul McCartney: Tug of War / Pipes of Peace

By Jeff Strowe

Long forgotten, these reissues may be a mixed bag, but prove essential when reflecting on the ex-Beatle's vast volume of work. 2 Oct 2015 // 2:30 AM

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	Various Artists: Childish Music

What's good for adults isn't always good for kids. Ekkehard Ehlers gets his inner silly on, but what for?"

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	Meat Beat Manifesto: Off-Centre

Jack Dangers freaked out his fanbase with a jaunt into jazz on his last full-length release, At the Center. Off-Centre is where he tells that same fanbase to chill out, already.

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	Modern Giant: Satellite Nights

Aussie popsters use some spoken word pieces to form a well-rounded record recalling The Smiths and any Down Under band worth their salt.

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	Michael Holland: Tomorrows American Treasures

Holland maintains his extraordinary focus, showing his astute respect for traditional American music while varnishing it with enough trippy nuance to keep it vital.

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	Isaac Hayes: Ultimate Isaac Hayes: Can You Dig It?

As a compendium for those who can't be bothered to actually buy the real albums, I suppose you could do worse.

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	Hella: Concentration Face/Homeboy

Noise rock duo Hella refuse to relent on new DVD/EP combo.

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	Tim Fite: Gone Ain’t Gone

Good 'ole white homeboy from Brooklyn mixes bargain bin samples and a southern accent. Oh, and he perpetuates a myth that he was born without blood. Are the two related? Do we care?"

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	Defunkt: Defunkt + / Thermonuclear Sweat +

In the beginning, Defunkt was a mad scientist of a band, attempting to splice together jazz and funk in ways no other band had ever attempted. Think of this two disc set as its little mutant baby.

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	The BellRays: The BellRays @ the Barfly [DVD]

Let the BellRays take you on a wild ride... going back to school has never been as much fun.

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7 Nov 2005 // 1:00 AM

John Hiatt + The North Mississippi Allstars

Funk and chicken: A Tuesday night in Utecht with John Hiatt and 1,000 friends.

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