Theres Something Oddly Comforting in Chris Oliveros' Futile Tale

There’s Something Oddly Comforting in Chris Oliveros' Futile Tale

By Hans Rollman

The Envelope Manufacturer is a light parable on the ravages of neoliberal capitalism. 11 Feb 2016 // 8:00 AM

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Anthony Hamilton: Ain’t Nobody Worryin’

Anthony Hamilton is proof that you can handle The Truth.

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	Deep Purple: Rapture of the Deep

Deep Purple keep the creative fires burning on what turns out to be their best album in two decades.

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19 Dec 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Liz Carroll & John Doyle: In Play

Like good Irish whiskey, the Celtic blend here goes down smooth and easy and still has a kick to it.

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	Body Rockers: Body Rockers

Aussie/Brit dance rock tandem try to 'talk the talk', but hearing them 'walk the walk' makes the listener stifle a laugh.

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19 Dec 2005 // 12:00 AM

The infelicities of desire are only one of many impolite subjects dissected under Tatsumi's jaded pen.

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Curious Minds: How a Child Becomes a Scientist by John Brockman

We like our lives to be a seamless narrative, and it takes a lot of editing to turn the chaotic jumps of experience into a good story.

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	World Leader Pretend: Punches

They raised the wall, and they will be the one to knock it down: symphonic pop-rock group has been given the freedom to do as they see fit.

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18 Dec 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Thunderlip: Thunderlip

North Carolina garage rockers experiment with hardcore vocals. The result? A mess.

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18 Dec 2005 // 10:00 PM

	Lewis Taylor: Stoned

Lewis Taylor briefly makes R&B accessible to those folks who have never spent one second trapped in any sort of closet.

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	Moacir Santos: Choros & Alegria

It's a history lesson in Brazilian jazz, but a painless and extremely enjoyable one.

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Double Take: 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' (1969)

// Short Ends and Leader

"The two Steves at Double Take are often mistaken for Paul Newman and Robert Redford; so it's appropriate that they shoot it out over Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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