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Monday, May 21 2001

    Kansas: Leftoverture / Masque

 Kansas Masque(Epic/Legacy)US release date: 22 May 2001 (re-release) by Chuck Hicks kansas-leftoverture.jpg :. e-mail this article:. print this article:.

The Enemies / Pitch Black: self-titled

God, I must be getting old. Only three days past my twenty-eighth birthday, and it already feels like I’ve turned some kind of corner,

Mark Eitzel: The Invisible Man

As the lead singer/songwriter for American Music Club and a solo artist, Mark Eitzel has built a catalogue of heartbreaking songs of loneliness and

Calexico: Even My Sure Things Fall Through

Calexico is the loose collective surrounding Joey Burns and John Convertino, a duo who have enjoyed a busy career as an integral part of Giant

Attention Deficit: The Idiot King

Jazz albums are not always the easiest to describe in words. Oft times, many works in the genre are a piece unto their own that

Action Figure Party: self-titled

Milliseconds after your child treads through the wavy field of blue shag carpet and steps out the crayon-swirled door of his bedroom, GI Joe and

Acumen: Diversity

Momma Miss America! Ye gods! Zounds! And also, “What the hell is THAT?” These are just a handful of the fun phrases you’ll be

Radiohead: Pyramid Song #1 & #2

With the release of the Pyramid Song two-CD single set, Radiohead has given us their first B-sides since those coming off 1997’s OK Computer.

Monday, May 14 2001

    Weezer: Weezer (“The Green Album”)

So the other week I watched the season finale of Saturday Night Live. I’ve come to like the show again over the past few

    Tool: Lateralus

Tool are the ultimate rock band. They sound cool enough for causal fans while still remaining smart enough for critics. They mix testosterone-driven heaviness with

    Six Going on Seven: American’t (or Won’t)

I’m batting zero on this one. Right from jump, before I even knew a thing about Six Going on Seven, I’d figured on

    The Stillmen: All Hopped Up

Crazy, baby. If there is one word to define the Stillmen, it’s “crazy”. Reaching back through the decades to when rock was young and

    R.E.M.: Reveal

Musically, Reveal follows Up‘s lead but pushes even further in that direction. Guitarist Peter Buck has traded his electric in for an acoustic, and

    David Mead: Mine and Yours

The eagerly awaited sophomore effort from David Mead is out now and Mine and Yours is a quieter, more personal effort from this versatile singer/

    Syleena Johnson: Chapter 1: Love, Pain, & Forgiveness

According to Syleena Johnson, she was a mere three-year-old when her parents placed her on a nightclub stool and asked her to sing. Not some

Joe Henry: Scar

Inasmuch as the hip and influential pop elite continue to chart territories that reflect a restless adventurousness, the true musical pioneers visualize the genres, the

The Go-Go’s: God Bless the Go-Go’s

This album sometimes sounds more like a promising debut than the fourth album—not counting the handfuls of solo albums or work with other bands

Michael Franti & Spearhead: Stay Human

From Nina Simone to Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone to Bob Marley, soul music has a healthy history of subversiveness and social protest. In this grand

Fantastic Plastic Machine: Beautiful

Say you’re having a party and all types are coming—boys and girls, fabulous pill-poppers who dance ‘til dawn, quiet shoegazers in academic cardigans,


Limit‘s cover is a shot of vast, dark mountains with clouded sky overhead, distorted by a sort of mosaic graphic effect (it looks, in

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